Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another month...

And I still haven't managed to post much. Oh well...I'm still working on the Super Secret Christmas Present (SSCP), and a couple of other projects. When I get a spare moment (maybe when I'm off for Thanksgiving?!) I'll take some pictures and post a few things. Maybe I can get a break then. I hope so...if not, I'll just post about once a month when I think about it. Haha! Work is still going really well, and Avon (for those of you who haven't noticed, I'm an Avon Representative now) is still going. I'm not doing as well as I hoped, but better than I feared. I usually land somewhere in the middle.

We had tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra on Sunday, and Little Man is still recouperating from it. The show was amazing, and we stayed after to meet the band. Who doesn't love musicians?! In any case, that's all I have for now. Hopefully soon I can post some more. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time flies...

when you're working and can't stop going for 10 minutes. It's been a wild 6 weeks. The new job is good, and I'm working on finding the balance again.

Believe it or not, I am finding a few stolen moments to knit from time to time. I'm re-vamping the "Knit to Fit" class...which by the way, is the ONLY class in the area where you learn basically how to write your own pattern and create a sweater for yourself to fit you (shameless plug, but hey, when you got it, flaunt it). I am actually working on a project, which must remain in secret for the recipient does occasionally read this and no spoiling the surprise. It is a holiday gift though...that much I can tell. I would like to get a few holiday gifts made before December, but the only way to do that is to work incessantly on them (which still might happen...who knows?). I'm currently avoiding housework in favor of updating this blog, and I'm about to go upstairs and knit while I watch some TV. Nothing wrong with some TV knitting...they fit well together. :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So much to do!

Ack! There's so much to do...Avon is going well, thanks to those who order from me! I'm really enjoying it too. Work is not too bad. I've been there for almost a full 3 weeks, and am getting properly trained (thank the Lord). Did I mention I'm working again? Maybe I didn', I'm working again. A regular, full-time accounting position. It's closer to home, more money, better environment...all around a good move. I'm still not thrilled with having to work outside the home, but our finances dictate otherwise. In any case, both jobs are actually doing well, although the Avon side could use a little help (please shop online here!).

I'm starting to teach at TWNY as well. Saturday is my first class, and I'm so excited!!!! It's my Knit to Fit class. I have only 4 spots left (hurry and fill them!) and it should be a lot of fun. The class will only last a couple of hours for the next 3 Saturdays. You'll get to make a fabulous sweater vest (one of the season's hot looks, for those who like to be up-to-date in their wardrobe) and it will be customized to you! You can go here to sign up. The staff is terrific, and I'm thrilled to teach...again. :) That's all for now...must run and get ready for work!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Loving Memory

I'm a day late, and several dollars short. Go figure. Here are some pictures of the last projects...with the exception of the vest.

The Leaves Sweater (none with me wearing it...there ain't no way I'm squeezing into a size M sweater).

Here's the Baby Cardigan from Debbie Bliss, upsized to fit my almost 2 year old; the button band is still awaiting completion (possibly this weekend).

Here's the blanket that's been in timeout since it was misbehaving (check out the puckering that is no more...we're working on fixing that).

There are several more squares, but Blogger might get overloaded with all the images. Here's the Baby Surprise Jacket from EZ I's just missing buttons, but only until I decide if it's going to a boy or a girl (although I'm tempted to put the buttons on anyway, and just deal with the consequences later).

The title is for the friend that we buried today. Mr. J.T. Reeves went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday. He was 85 years young, and a couple of months ago was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. He was a vibrant, strong, loving man who made my hubby and I want to be at our church all the time. He always asked about us, our son (he never failed to ask us "how's our boy doing?") and he made sure everyone felt welcome and loved. He truly embodied Christ's love for his fellow man, and he will be truly missed. We love you, J.T., and now you can encourage the angels. :)

Oh, I almost forgot about the Orange Ball recipe. This one is a definite keeper, and great for the summer (since it's no-bake) or the winter (citrus fruits are great then).

Orange Balls

1 box graham cracker crumbs (I crush a box of graham crackers; no need to pay more for them pre-crushed)

1 stick margarine

1 bag powdered sugar

6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate

1 tsp vanilla

Melt the margarine. Stir in the frozen orange juice concentrate (I always stick it back in the microwave for about 20 seconds to help melt it faster). Add about 3/4 of the powdered sugar and graham crackers, as well as the vanilla. Mix well. Add more powdered sugar until dough forms (it should be moldable and not very sticky; just slightly tacky). Scoop out 1/2 tbsp balls; roll in remaining powdered sugar. Place on lined cookie sheet and chill (or let cool to room temperature). Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Days of Our Lives

Well, it's been TOOOOO long since I've posted. Since then, the job search continues, and I've picked up a couple of sidelines along the way.

I'm going to be teaching 2 classes at my LYS. The first is in September, and it's the Leaves Sweater from Crochet Me. It's going to rock! Not only do you get the pattern corrections, but also how to up-size it. The second is called "Knit to Fit" and we'll be doing a sweater vest by mathematics! It's a custom knit for each person. No pattern, just a measuring tape, pencil, paper, and a swatch! From that, we can create ANY SWEATER!!! Thanks to Sandi Wiseheart from Knitting Daily for the idea; it really works! That one will be taught in October. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I also have an AVON site for those who care:

If you click the picture, you'll get my site. If you register on my site, I'll email you a code for FREE SHIPPING. :) Free is always good. You can order from anywhere in the US, and possibly some other countries, but I haven't checked all that. Everyone I know is state-side. If you're overseas and want to order, that would be really cool. If Avon doesn't ship there, I'll order it for you and ship it to you (no spammers though...I'm not taking a money order for $1500 for a $200 order to Bumblebutt, Nowhereland, not even if you promise I can keep the difference).

And tomorrow...the recipe for the amazing Orange Balls!!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So many projects...

and just not enough time to post about them! I've corrected the baby cardi issue, and am still working on the closure issue with it. I finished the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket (all but buttons) and a matching hat, and I've been working on a Baby Sampler blanket. I wasn't happy with the crocheted edging and how it was sewing together, so I ripped it out. Now I have 35 squares waiting to be sewn together.

I'm also working on a shop sample for the fabulous LYS, The Whole Nine Yarns. If you haven't been, you should go. They are TERRIFIC there...Jenna (evil fiber pimp that she is), Debi (who is such a fantastic lady!), Caryn (always ready to laugh!) and the rest. They are wonderful. So now that I've waxed rhapsodonically about them, on to the shop sample. It's gorgeous...when the errors are fixed. I found through Ravelry there are several problems with the pattern. No worries...crochet is my second language. I can fix it...and will. If I get to teach a class, the errata will be included, and hopefully so will some other bonuses! :) Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh and watch for pictures VERY soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still on the hunt...

for a new job. I'm still looking, and although I keep getting interviews (although none this week), no offers ever materialize. It sucks, but we're still hanging in there. I'm using up stash yarn as fast as I can, and maybe I have to use it all up before I'll get an offer. I hope not, since it would still take a couple of months to go through everything I've got and the money will run out before then. We keep praying something will come, and I think it will. Hubby is in his last semester for school, and there are a few jobs he's scouted out to apply for, and there's no telling what's just around the corner. I actually wrote out the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket for someone at TWNY Knit Night. It's not difficult, but EZ wrote her patterns like a grandmother cooks...a little of this, a little of that, and it's the decoding that can be tricky if you're used to all your patterns being like a baking recipe (exact measurements of exact ingredients, no substitutions allowed). EZ was smarter than most: she made it so that you could experiment and make it fit you. If you don't have a specific wool on hand, no big deal; just grab what you've got. No size 9's in the house? No worries; pick up whatever works for the yarn you've got, and just cast on. That's the real genius in her's a "no pattern" pattern. :)

Let's hope that soon something will come up and the job won't be an issue any more.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Time Flies...

as does the knitting when you're at home and not at work! So, things got bad, and I'm home. It's nice, but it can't last forever. I've already finished SO many projects...a Baby Surprise Jacket, baby hat, 2 surprise items for someone's birthday this month, a pair of Cigar gloves for my brother (which got sent along with the Fetchings for my SIL), and I'm working on a Hemlock Ring Blanket. Now's the time for me to do a bunch of stuff, because I doubt that once I find another job I'll have the time to do it. It's fun being home though. I enjoy getting up every morning and spending the day with my baby (he will always be my baby, no matter how old he is). Hopefully pictures will follow. Obviously, I don't post often when at home...too much knitting going on to post! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New beginnings

Well, I took the plunge. It was either kill or be killed at work, so I killed. It left me with 3 weeks pay, plus insurance through the end of the month. Not bad, considering the alternative. Granted, it wasn't 100% certain that I'd be fired, but all the signs were there. Who schedules a meeting on Friday (payday as well) the last 30 minutes of someone's day to tell them GOOD news? I don't know of too many people. In any case, what's done is done. Now I get a 2 week vacation (not having to work my notice) and I can job hunt more effectively.

In knitting, man, there's been a great deal going on. I've started the Cigar gloves for my brother, and a second pair of socks. I finished Sheldon #2, and it still needs to be given to the recipient. I learned a new cast-on (which is really cool and should work well for the baby hat and sweater I'm working on), and I still have a long list of items to do. My stash is semi-stagnant. It seems being in TWNY is a bad influence...spinning is now on my list to learn. Evil Jenna! :) Fun though. Perhaps a drop spindle is in my future...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, work still sucks...but knitting is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I figured it all out...and I made some socks using the most extreme knitting I could think of. I started from the toe, double knit, on Magic Loop. They turned out really well too. I have 3 more sizes to go through, and then once they are all done, I'm going to type up the directions, and I'll post it on here. I'm thinking about putting it in a PDF format and making it available for a small donation. After all, it was a lot of time and effort on my part. I'm hoping to get a few test knitters to try it out, or at least read through it to make sure it makes sense to more than just me. I'm hoping to get the pictures of the great reveal from one of the lovely ladies at TWNY. I was surprised at how easy the socks actually were!

I need to get cracking on updating this site...there's oh-so-much to do on it. I'll have to sit down maybe Monday night and work on it (hubby has a massive paper due on Monday, so stolen moments with the computer is all I can manage this weekend!).

Saturday, April 05, 2008

From Bad Moods to Bad Days

My apologies for those of you who tune in for knitting content. First, I know that there hasn't been a whole lot of that going on, at least not on here. Second, I really need to get this out. Please bear with me, and please comment.

I'll admit I make mistakes. I'll admit I make a lot of mistakes. And I probably make more than I should in some areas. However, I hate to feel like I'm being railroaded. Something's fishy in Denmark, you know?!

So, here's what's going on in a nutshell...I've been issued a "final written warning" at work. I'm not perfect, and I make mistakes. I'm human. I would think however that since retraining has been somewhat requested, you'd think someone would do something. I however have a bit of a conspiracy theorist in me, and I think there has been a budget cut and I'm the scapegoat. Maybe I am just that bad of a worker. Maybe I have just screwed up that much. But I'd think it would have taken a shorter amount of time to uncover my incompetence than 2 and a half years...don't you? Maybe my work ethic hasn't been as strong as it once was since having my baby. Maybe family comes first a little too often for corporate. Maybe since I don't want to pursue a masters' degree and a CPA, they don't think I'm worth keeping around.

I should have listened to my gut 3-6 months ago. I could feel it coming down the pipeline. I figured I would just be out-and-out fired...Georgia is an "at will" state...if they want to fire me, they can.

On the other hand, maybe I deserve this somehow. Not careful enough with tasks I'm given, getting a little too hurried and a little too sloppy...I can think of a dozen reasons for and against this.

What I don't understand is why me and why now. Why not 6 months ago, and why not someone else? Maybe I don't politic enough. Maybe I don't put on enough of a show for them. I'd start now, but since they've basically made up their minds (if I don't show IMMEDIATE improvement, I'm out), so is it too little too late? Do I even care enough if their minds are made up to put forth the effort? I know as a Christian I should always do my best. I thought I had been doing my best. Apparently, either what I think is my best really isn't, or it just isn't good enough for them.

I'm also in the process of figuring out who knows...I know of at least 3 people who know, and I didn't tell them. I know of one person who knows because I told her. So, there's 4 people, plus myself, who knows. I have a suspicion that 3 other people know, and at least one of them helped.

I'd really rather be a stay-at-home mom, but unfortunately, that doesn't pay the bills. We can't afford that right now (since I'm the only wage earner) but hopefully we can soon. In the meantime, I'm off to do a serious job search.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bad Moods

I am just in a bad mood. It seems like everything and everyone is on a mission to screw with me today. Ever have those days? Everything is just getting on my nerves. It's either because I'm really tired (my little man is going through a growth spurt and isn't sleeping well plus allergies make it hard for him to breathe) or my allergies are acting up (always a possibility) or it's just time for me to be in a bad mood, since I really don't have them that often. I am SO ready to start really getting up someone else's nose today.

I have, on the bright side, been finishing things right and left. I finished the Baby I.Q. Afghan (all but weaving in ends), and the body of Sheldon. I also organized my recipes. I find a stack here and there that need organizing, but it's all a process. It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I think I'm going to spend Saturday doing a few things in the house, rather than in the yard. I hope to start a couple of more projects this month, and get a few things finished as well. Here are the goals for April:

1. Finish Sheldon completely and give to recipient.
2. Complete toe-up double knitted socks and write down instructions.
3. Start on gloves for my brother
4. Start on socks for either my brother or sister-in-love. :)
5. Get desk/front room organized.

It doesn't look like a very long list, but trust me, it will keep me VERY busy this month. We're heading up to Toccoa next weekend to visit the in-laws. Hopefully I'll have some knitting time in the car to and from, so I can make some serious progress on some of the above items. I need to get the front room organized, so I can block my Clapotis. It's great as a scarf right now, but it could really use some blocking so I can wear it as a wrap.

Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm trying to have a finishpalooza, and if I would stop starting new projects, I could probably get more done. I did finish Clapotis this weekend (although it could use blocking and I have blocking pins downstairs somewhere in the abyss that is the craft room, the spare bedroom floor isn't in the condition necessary to block anything, so I'm stuck just wearing it unblocked and I LURVE it), and I have to say, I LOVE this pattern. I can definitely see why it was such a hit about 3 years ago. Again, sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. I hope to knit this one again in a red/black/grey colorway to the pattern specs, rather than making it longer and narrower than the original.

Tonight I'm hoping to finish the edging on JHAC's Baby I.Q. Afghan tonight, and then there will just be the sewing in ends part. That takes what feels like forever, but it has to be done. After that, I need to finish Sheldon (the newest Knit Night project).

I'm trying to be good and purchase more yarn or start a new project...but I did purchase a new book this weekend! I found a copy of Knitting Without Tears on the shelf (this NEVER's always an ordered book! - at least for me it is. I never luck into these things). So I definitely picked it up. I am coming into the EZ love ring. :) Once I can find Knitting Workshop (I'm thinking I'm going to hit my LYS up for this one...I think Debi carries it regularly, and doesn't have to order it). I know I've seen the DVD there, so I'm pretty sure she has the book too. I also picked up the latest Interweave Knits. I haven't looked at it in detail (I just skimmed it when I got home on Saturday) but I'm kind of "eh" on the changes. I do miss the lack of men's patterns. Of course, since I have so many men to knit for, I like to have options.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Evil Baking Genius

I was evil...and I did bake. The genius part, well, that's up for debate. I took Chocolate Toffee Bars to Knit Night last night, and I only brought home 3. My hubby finished those off. I don't think it was too bad. :)

In knitting, I'm chugging along on my Clapotis, and I'm over halfway done. I was hoping to have it finished by Easter (and my birthday), but that just didn't happen. Nonetheless, it's still in progress. I STILL haven't finished the Baby I.Q. Afghan (I'm close, but no cigar) and I still have to sew on snaps to the Classic Cardigan. Sheldon isn't moving very far either. And here I am, starting a new project. I'm toying with double knit socks...knitting both socks at the same time, one inside the other, from the toe up. I figured out how they HAVE to start, and now it's just a matter of getting the toddler socks completed, directions written up and test-knitted. I think I can find some test knitters for that. That's all for now...I'm going to grab a pattern and get started on those socks.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Changing things

Ok, I'm going to try and get some changes going here. I signed up at Ravelry for the BOA (Blog Organization Along) and have yet to work on it. I think I tried to tackle too much. So, I'm hoping that next week I can start getting some changes made on this here blog. Work should slow down a little, and maybe then I can post a little more as well. I've got TONS of stuff going on, and I want it all done now. Ever have those days? I guess I need to keep a list going and prioritize in a major way. I just wish I didn't have to's cutting into my knitting time (and other things as well).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where does the time go?

I finished the Cardigan...almost (still). I bought snaps to put on behind the buttons, but my sewing skilz just ain't happenin'. I started on my own personal Clapotis. I know, I'm about 3 years behind the rest of the world...go figure. Also, for a while, although I'd like a few things from each issue of Knitty, this issue to me is the best in a long time. Almost all of the patterns I would LOVE to knit (the only 2 being the little girl things, because I don't have a little girl). Everything else is FABULOUS!

In the realm of baking, I am going to attempt new Heath Bars either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow, because I am flippin' exhausted today. Fortunately, since I made a double batch of the toffee, there's plenty to go around. I have 9 other recipes to choose from, and 3 of them call for granulated sugar, which I think was the problem in the first batch. I will conquer the Heath bars!

I have decided how to clean out my closet. First, there's the whole idea of only keeping what fits you...just about everything in my closet fits, so that's not going to get rid of much. The next thought I had (although it might be a natural conclusion for some, it took me a little while to figure this one out...I'm a little slow on the upswing some days) was to clean out everything I didn't like the color or pattern of. This will include a lot of the items hanging up there. I was keeping most of them because they fit...not because I liked them. This led to an overabundant closet and a small worn selection. We're going to fix that. I'm on a girly kick, so pinks, purples, reds, some blues and greens, will stay. The rest is getting packed up and shipped out (probably to the Goodwill store just down the road from my house). I really hate to give it all away, but in order to make room to receive more, I need to clean out what I have. I might even find a few items at the Goodwill to purchase; I haven't looked yet, so I don't know what they have.

Saturday is picture day! We're taking pictures of Little Man again, so I'm all excited! I just have to iron his shirt and pants, and figure out what outfit #2 will be.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Just a Punk in the Street*

Ok, today is a little different post. First of all, I did finish the Classic Cardigan, but haven't put on the buttons yet. I did get the buttons yesterday from here, but realized they were too BIG for the buttonholes. After careful consideration and some whining, I figured out that I need to rework the buttonhole band as the button band, and then attach the buttons to the outside and use snaps to actually close the cardi. Smart, huh? It'll be easier than 2-way buttons (a button on the outside and a reverse button on the other, with the hole on the inside-or at least that's what I call it). In any case, that's to be re-knit (I will take pictures before I rip out the buttonhole band, though, I PROMISE!!!!). I finished half of SSKP#2 last night, and started the other half. Pictures to follow soon.

Last night, I decided to attempt the toffee again. This time, I had a LOT more success. Here's how I did it WITHOUT a candy thermometer (although I'm sure it would have been much easier with one).

Step 1a: Please, I beg you, be sure to grease a sheet pan BEFORE you get started. It's hard enough to pay close attention to the candy as it cooks, without the added distraction of trying to grease a pan. This is an incredibly important step...because if you don't, the candy will stick and it won't break properly, and disaster will ensue. (Well, only for your toffee).

See the butter on there? Very important.

Step 1: gather your ingredients...I doubled the recipe, so I had 3 and a half sticks of butter, 2 cups of sugar, and 4 tablespoons of water in a large pot. Turn the stove on medium high (on mine, it worked better on around 5-6 than 7...of course I just have one of those weird dials that gives numbers, and not words to gauge your heat).

Nice and melty...butter, sugar, how can you go wrong?!

Step 2: Get the butter/sugar/water mixture nice and hot, where it starts to melt together and bubble.

Here it is all melted.

And now it's all bubbly...

Step 3: Cook and stir (ALWAYS stir keeps the bubbles IN the pot...very important...this cup runneth over is NOT a happy cup) until it turns brown.

We're getting there...

Brown and bubbly...brown and bubbly...

Step 4: Once it gets toffee colored (go figure), add in the 2 teaspoons of vanilla and dash of salt. Of course, any GOOD cook would add only 1 teaspoon...but I added more. 'Cause I'm just like that...a punk.

Step 5: Stir well, and pour onto the prepared pan.

And let it cool. Once it's cool (mine took about 2-2 and a half hours before it hardened), it's time for some fun! It's smash-time!

See all the yummy crunchy toffee goodness just begging to be eaten?! It's a yummy treat. Now, this weekend, I'll be attempting to make the Starbucks "Health Bars", patent pending. :) I also have another wondiferous recipe that I'll share hopefully either later today or tomorrow. The good news, it's simple and fairly quick. The bad news, it's TOTALLY addictive (my husband requests it often...a little too often for my own personal tastes, but I'll indulge him while it's still cool enough to turn on the oven, and then he'll have to wait until after summer to enjoy it again).

Much love!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

This week with insanity

It's been a crazy week, and I keep getting crazy ideas. I finished the Classic Cardigan, with the exception of coming soon (hopefully after buttons are sewn on). There's Super Secret Knitting Project #1 (SSKP#1) that is done, with the exception of sewing in the ends, and SSKP#2 is well underway. I treated myself to more yarn (according to my nutritionist I should reward myself with NON-FOOD items, and yarn is in that category - a mouthful of angora just isn't pleasant) and added some for my birthday as well (yay me!). I did make it to Knit Night this week, and had a really good time.

I also saw this post and decided to try to recreate the Starbucks pastry formerly known as "Heath Bars" (we also called them "Health Bars" because what's healthier than chocolate and toffee in a cookie bar?). I started with trying to make toffee last night...and burned it. Yep, the house was filled with smoke and smelt of burnt sugar. It was not happy. Fortunately, all that I lost was a little time (very little) and some butter and sugar. It was worse than the misfortune with the 7-up cake, but completely inedible. I think the times were off in comparison to the recipe. It said to cook it for 10 minutes, and I did. I didn't use a candy thermometer, which is my fault...but I don't have one. I'm attempting it again tonight, mainly because I'm trying to do the toffee before the rain gets here (tomorrow). Humidity always reeks havoc with candy, so I'm trying to avoid that.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Small Victories

WOOHOO!!! I have lost 10 pounds! I'm a little excited, can you tell? I also have some super secret projects (SSP) going on, but I will hopefully take pictures this weekend and post them on Monday (if all goes well).

In knitting, I'm working on SSP1, and over halfway done with it. In sewing, SSP1 hasn't begun yet...well, not really. I have all the materials for it, but I haven't started it. The cardigan is still in a holding pattern. I have to get some buttons.

As for the weight loss, I went to see a dietician/nutritionist about 6 weeks ago, and we discussed an eating plan. It's really working for me. Most days I'm not hungry (we all have those days when we want to inhale everything, but over all I'm good on what I'm supposed to eat) and there's a little play room in it (chocolate is NOT off limits, which is good, cause if it was going to kill me, I'd die happy). It's really all about portion control, and I'm ok with that. I have tons of energy, and although some days I crawl around with my son, I don't every day, and that's ok too. Sometimes I just let him run around on his own, and I watch. The important thing is that his momma is getting healthy, and that's what I want. I want to be a healthy momma for my baby. I'm just excited that this is working out better than I had thought. I can't really tell a huge difference yet, but when you have SO much weight to lose, a little is hard to notice sometimes. The good thing is that it's MASSIVELY encouraging, and I'm excited. It makes me happy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's killing me...I think for the rest of the week I'm spending every waking moment possible downstairs cleaning, throwing away and organizing. I can never find what I need when I need it. I spent a good 30 minutes this morning looking for some yarn (found), a coupon book (not found) and a tape (not found). This is distressing.

I've almost finished the edging on the Baby I.Q. Afghan; there's about 1 square left to DC around in white, and then it's time to SC around the whole thing in black. In my search this morning, I did find 2 more skeins of black and another skein of white. I also found a skein of sock yarn that I knew I had, but couldn't find. I cannot remember the type of sock yarn that it is, only that it was on sale because it was the last one of its dye lot, and I bought it to make a pair of children's socks. Since I now have a child, it looks like he's getting a new pair of socks. It's a multi-colored bright sock yarn...and that's about all I can remember. I remember I bought it from the Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville, and it was on sale. It's pretty...and will do well for socks for either a boy or a girl, so I think I'm good to go.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Soooo close

I went Thursday night, in the pouring rain, to find buttons. I found none. Friday, I went searching for buttons online, and found some. I have yet to order them, but will probably tonight. Here's a picture of the (almost) finished cardigan:

This weekend, I also made these:
You can find the recipe here. I also made these:

The recipe is here. I highly recommend any of the recipes from the site that you find. I haven't tried all of them, but I have tried a few, and all of them turn out fantastic. This roll looks a little over done, but it tastes fine. I baked the rest of them about 5 minutes less, and they looked better and were a little less golden on top. I've tried the lasagna, rolls, cinnamon rolls, a version of the chicken spaghetti, and all of it has turned out fantastic. I get great complements from all the recipes. Go check out The Pioneer Woman (her main site) too. It's fun to read about life on a ranch, and her many crazy adventures, being a middle child and all.

I finally moved my sewing machine upstairs, but I couldn't find the cord! No electricity = no sewing on the machine. I did however, seam this together:

I also washed and dried some fabric, and will hopefully be able to post pictures of that later. Tonight is a major working night...I have a Finance Committee meeting tonight, and that means I won't be getting home until late. Tomorrow is Knit Night, and I'm going to that as well. I haven't been in about a month, and I need a break. It's so nice to get out every once in a while and be with adults but not have to work, or grocery shopping, or doing something involving children. Sometimes you just need an escape. I definitely need an escape this week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You might have noticed I wasn't around the end of last week. There was an emergency trip to see my in-laws. My MIL had open heart surgery (triple bypass) on Thursday. To say it came as a shock would be an understatement. But, the hospital staff was fantastic, and my dear MIL came through wtih flying colors. She should be home sometime soon.

Being in the hospital gave me a chance to work on my baby's cardigan. I am SOOO close to finishing it. I have one buttonband done, and I have to finish the buttonhole band. I'm at a stopping point however, because I don't know how many buttons will be on it. I'm leaning toward 6, rather than the 5 that the pattern calls for. I also have to find said buttons...I really want monkey buttons. I know...insane request, but he loves monkeys. He's my little monkey.

Monday, February 18, 2008

An almost Finished Object

I have almost completed the Classic Cardigan. I'm on the button band, then it's just a matter of seaming (which I cheated on, because I worked the body in the round instead of in flat pieces) the arms and sewing on the buttons. I have to search for buttons...I know what I want; it's just a matter of finding it. Once this is done, I can move on to other projects that I've started and just haven't finished. I have a Sheldon waiting, and a few other things as well. It feels good to get things finished.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm stalling on some projects. I decided to read instead last night. I picked up a couple of books from the library, and have been a little more interested in reading than in knitting. I tried to make a 7-up cake this weekend, and it overflowed. I think the main reason was the recipe wasn't complete, and I assumed. Assumptions are not good things. The recipe called for "flour"...not specifying the type. Since there was no leavening agent (salt and baking powder), I thought it meant self-rising flour. I double checked on a version this morning, and it should have been all purpose. Oh well...the result was edible, just not pretty. I'm glad I put a baking sheet under the bundt pan to catch the overflow...otherwise, the oven would have been a disaster. I think I'll reattempt the cake later.

Friday, February 08, 2008


I found the cord for the camera, so here we go with some pictures of the cardigan:

Here's an upclose shot of the "Man Stripe", which I think makes it look adorable on my baby, despite what others think. He hardly ever wears something like this, so I don't see the harm. I promise that I will not make him wear a Man Stripe all the time...just this cardigan has one to make it match the Reversible Hat.

Here's a view of my knitting...I get a lot of comments on it, or did, at my LYS. The knit stitches are twisted at the base, because of the way I wrap my yarn. I still get the fabric I want, so it's not "wrong". I can "fix" it, but I like it this way.

This cardigan should be finished (with the exception of the button band and buttons) by next week. I'm already on the yoke, as you can tell. I am loving knitting baby projects...they work up fast. I have a couple of more projects for babies that I need to work on; I just can't help but put my baby first. So sue me. :) I'm a momma.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I hope everyone voted yesterday. It doesn't matter for whom; it just matters that you were invovled in the process. I'd call it a "democratic" process, and I guess the primaries are truly a "democratic" one...all votes count. For the actual election, it's a republic process. The difference? Simple - in a democracy, each individual vote counts. In a republic, there is a small group who's votes ultimately decide (this is an over-simplification, but you get the point). Even our Pledge of Allegiance says "and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands"...not "democracy". I think that's something most people forget. Ok, enough of my soapbox for that.

In knitting, I did work some more on the Classic Cardigan, and I even took pictures. The bad news is I didn't bring my cable so I can't get the pictures from the camera to the computer. Oh well...maybe tomorrow. I also skipped the knit night at my LYS, in favor of spending time with my hubby, and watching American Idol and House. I was also slightly interested in seeing how the primaries turned out, but did not stay up to see the last of the polls close.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New month and already behind

I'm already behind on organizing my blog. I did figure out how to edit the labels, so now it's just a matter of time. I'm thinking that if I can't get to it this weekend, I can do it mid-month, when work is slow. I might be able to work on the layout as well this month.

On the knitting front, I've been working on the Classic Cardigan, and it's coming along nicely. Once I get a few rows done after joining the sleeves to the body, I'll try it on Little Man and see if it fits. I'm also thinking I should measure a jacket in the same size and see how it compares. I haven't really worked on anything else, even though the Baby I.Q. Afghan is ready for seaming. I'll get pictures up soon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

This weekend

I made some serious progress on the cardigan this weekend. The bad news is that I didn't take any pictures. I'll have to do that tomorrow night. I think I'm going to forego knit night this week, because of a meeting I have tonight. It's bad enough missing your family one night a week, but two is pushing it for me. I like to be at home with my two men.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I started to seam the Baby I.Q. Afghan last night. I think part of my problem with my son's afghan is that I didn't catch the entire top loop of the stitches. I think that will help tremendously in stopping the holes. That, plus doubling up on the seams in the corners. All this I plan on incorporating into the new one, and then returning to my son's afghan and fixing the problems with it. The first 2 I did I didn't have this problem, mainly because I was more into seaming them than I was his or this one. I am rushing to get it done, rather than trying to do my best. We can fix that.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Working it out

Well, work is getting slightly busier...but it's still a gentle sprinkle, which leaves me some time. I have projects in mind for work (a lap-ghan, socks, and fingerless mitts) and will eventually get to them. Right now, I'm still trying to focus on finishing what I have started. Last night, there was no knitting at home. I had to stop at 2 stores on the way in, and then fix dinner. I also got to play with my baby, which was very fun and ultimately the most important thing. I'm still working on changing some bad habits into good ones, and I had a completely successful day yesterday. So far so good today too. If I can have a full two weeks like this, then I'm rewarding myself. I think I'm going to take it in 2 week increments, so that it's easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the goal. I think I'll throw in some weight goals as well, so it will give me a few more rewards to reach (since weight loss is the ultimate goal here). Since the dietician said "not food rewards" that means I have a free license for yarn! Woot! Granted, budget will be a consideration, but we're getting a nice refund back from the Fed, and although I haven't seen the state yet, I'm sure we'll get something back from them as well. It helps to have a baby. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Progress

I finished all the squares for the Baby I.Q. Afghan. Now for the seaming. I'm going to try seaming 4 squares at once instead of just 2 at a time. I'm also going to pass back through the corners to double the seam and hopefully it won't have holes.

I picked up my second Sheldon again this week, after finishing all the squares for the afghan. I'm over halfway done with his body, which is nice. I'll have to pull up some fiberfill for it later this week, or at least by Saturday. I'm somewhere in the 60s for rounds, and you stuff it in round 80. Since they are short rounds, it won't take long.

I have also made progress on the Classic Cardigan for my son by Debbie Bliss. Knit Night at TWNY helps TREMENDOUSLY. I love hanging out with the folks over's fun to listen and see what others are doing. I must say, sometimes it's rather disheartening to see people only making a scarf or a hat out of plain yarn with no pattern to it. I kow the important thing is that they're knitting, but to always see scarves is just...boring to me. I hear and see such great projects online that others are doing, and I go, hoping that someone will astonish me with their mad knitting skilz. It just hasn't happened yet. Maybe before the end of the year, it will. Or, maybe I'll be that Crazy Mad Knitter and become a knitting goddess before too long. It all depends on how soon I finish some other projects.

I'm having committment issues with my projects. I'm trying to finish all of them, and want to pick all of them up and finish them all right now. I'm trying to prioritize, but let's face it...there are only self-imposed deadlines on many of these projects. I'll keep plugging away at them, little by little. Slowly and steadily, they'll all get done.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This weekend's progress

I did make progress this weekend on something...but it was crochet. Here are some (gasp!) pictures:

And I also finally repaired my son's afghan:

I hope to finish the green afghan this week...hopefully today I'll finish all the squares. Then comes the seaming...which I have to find a better way to seam. That's the problem with my son's afghan is just the seams. Oh well...oh, and I updated my Ravelry site as well. I'm getting better at this. Maybe I'll finish stuff and get things together before the year is over!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Ever feel like you're running at 100 miles an hour, even when you're sitting still? Yeah, I knew I shouldn't have added the shot to the coffee this morning. Dang Starbucks for allowing shots in the dark.

In any case, I'm trying to accomplish about 15 things all before the end of January. I don't think I'm going to make it, but here is the list I have going on as projects that need to be worked on and finished ASAP:

1. Sebastian's cardigan
2. Sheldon
3. Baby I.Q. Afghan #1
4. Repair Sebastian's afghan
5. Light box/tent
6. Apron/pinafore
7. Quilt
8. Pictures

I REALLY want to finish a BUNCH of projects this year. Most will not cost much, if anything to finish. They just need to be done. I have all the items I need for 4 of the 8 projects up there. Another 3 require very little for completing, and the big one (#8) will take time and a little more money than the rest, simply because of the nature of the project. I really want to get started on some of these right now, but I really need to wait until after this weekend. We're having a party for Sebastian (can you believe he's one already?!) and I need to get through that first. Tonight it's all about the decorations.

I'm making small changes for health, and doing well, from what I can tell. I feel better, which is always a good sign. Small changes can make the biggest difference, and I know I need to take them one at a time. It's easier to maintain that way. Get one down as a habit, then add another one until it's a habit, and so on.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've been busy...collecting. I'm collecting blogs, ideas, projects, items for various and sundry parties, friends...the list goes on. I went to the local knit night at The Whole Nine Yarns and met two incredibly funny women, Codegrl and Lizardsmells from Ravelry. We had a great time laughing and knitting. I've made some progress on the Classic Cardigan, but have no pictures. I have, however, updated my Flickr site. I also updated my Ravelry page (check out my projects now - angelfire212). I even managed to work out a quilt pattern for a lonely fat quarter I have and wanted to showcase. I'll probably be working late into the night for the next few weeks...there are a lot of projects I want to make some serious progress on, and I just can't while I'm sitting here at work, doing basically nothing. I will also hopefully be filing my taxes this month. I have to collect all the information for that as well. I'm off to collect more stuff...maybe soon I'll show some collections to you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Above and Beyond

I have so many projects that I already have underway and want to complete by the end of the year! How am I ever going to make time and get them all done?! Well, one of the first things I'm trying to do is become a regular at my LYS knit night. I've been going to The Whole Nine Yarns in downtown Woodstock for 2 weeks, and so far so good. Even if I only stay an hour, it's time away from home where I can focus on knitting. Next, I'm trying to get as many errands done during the week on my way home as possible, so I don't have to do them on the weekends. This means hopefully I can focus more on crafting then as well. I'm going to bring my sewing machine upstairs so I can use it (it's a little too cold right now to be sitting downstairs with no heat!) and hopefully I can even put Little Man in there with me and let him play while Mommy sews. I have figured out a pattern for a quilt...although I'll still be fine-tuning it. I think it will work out nicely, and if I am smart about when I buy the fabric, it shouldn't be that expensive either. I'm trying to base it off of one fat quarter I have that I really want to showcase. Unfortunately, I only have one, and I don't know if I can find the fabric again. Oh well...back to day-dreaming!

Friday, January 11, 2008


There was no knitting last night, because Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary! We've been married a wonderful 4 years, and we had a lovely dinner last night at Blu's Greek Taverna in Marietta. It was fantastic. The food was incredible, the atmosphere inviting and warm, and although it was slightly expensive for what we normally do, it was well worth it. We left Sebastian at home with my parents, and enjoyed the evening.

In other news, I found out everything was normal from the tests I had at the doctor's office. I guess that's a good thing?! At least I know there's not an underlying troll waiting to destroy the countryside while I sleep. This is encouraging in some ways, and discouraging in others. However, I have new resolve and a healthy lifestyle change is on the horizon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working on it

I'm working on a lot of things...knitting, food, children's choir, work, life in general. It's always a work-in-progress, right? The Classic Cardigan is up for some re-vamping, and I've marked off no less than 12 patterns in Romantic Hand-knits by Annie Modesitt that I received for Christmas. There are test results being waited on (I had basically a general physical this week and I'm hoping/not hoping to hear from the doctor) and a new lifestyle to implement in any case. We're going to overall health and well-being this year. I'm also working on plans for overhauling the blog. Expect more changes in this year. I think it'll be a good year for all.

Monday, January 07, 2008 FO!

I finished the Reversible Hat this weekend. I'd like it to be bigger, and maybe after I finish his cardigan, I'll make one bigger for him. It fits for now. I'll have to take some pictures with my baby wearing it, but for now, I'll upload the pictures later this afternoon on Flickr, and post one here as well. I have to upload pictures and link them to my Ravelry account and WIPs. But for now, I'm going to rejoice that I finished something this year already! Woot!

I'm sad that no one responded to the Pay It Forward idea....I hope someone does. If not, I'll just pick 3 people from Ravelry, and Pay It Forward to them. It's a happy new year now!

Friday, January 04, 2008


What are your goals for the new year? How are they coming? Did you promise yourself to keep them, and now, only 4 days into the new year, you find them already broken? Have no fear, it's still today. There's still time. Maybe you didn't start your new routine this morning, but you can still get all those things before bed tonight. Keep going...I know I am. :) I hope to post goald for the month on the first...I didn't do it for January 1, but here they are for this month (knitting and non-knitting related):
Finish Sebastian's hat and cardigan
Work on Sheldon
Clean out 2 paper boxes
Read Bible daily

That's it for far. If I accomplish all these goals before the end of the month, maybe I'll toss in a reward for myself (a trip to the LYS?).

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Completely Fascinated

I watched Project Runway over New Year's, and now I'm hooked. So, I stayed up last night to watch the new episode. I also went rummaging through my books last night and found one I'd seen, but never really looked at.

I have a copy from 1946...and yet it's actually very nice. It starts off as though you have no idea about sewing, and gives you a list of all the tools you need to get started. It has you make a pinafore (an apron of sorts) that has RUFFLES as your FIRST project. I don't know that I'd do that personally to a beginner, but I guess if you're going to do it, do it all the way. This book was my grandmother's and I don't think she ever went through it either. She wasn't much of one for sewing, or crocheting, or knitting...for that matter, she wasn't much one for handcrafts in general. Oh, she did the odd bit of embroidery, and I inherited all her embroidery stuff. She could sew on buttons, turn up a hem, and do general repairs, but she didn't sew. My mother, on the other hand, is a regular seamstress. She used to make formal dresses for herself for college recitals. She also crochets, but never learned to knit. She also does some cross-stitch from time to time. Me, I picked it all up. I'm hoping this year to be the year I complete projects. I have a long list for knitting and a few items for sewing. I think the more I do, the more I'm going to start. Last year I started so many projects...and didn't finish any. THis year, I want to complete them. Here's a list of current projects (you can also check out my Ravelry site for more information):

-Reversible Hat for my son
-Classic Cardigan for my son
-Sheldon for a friend's daughter
-Baby I.Q. Afghan for a friend's son
-Cigar gloves for my brother
-Socks for my brother
-Socks for my SIL
-Scarf for my SIL
-Spare Baby I.Q. Afghan
-Gauntlets/fingerless gloves for myself
-Baudelaires for me
-Buttonhole bag for me

Then, there's the resolution to "knit from your stash". I want to clear out a lot, and get the craft room ready. There's a lot of organization to be done, and I'm hoping that by the weekend, I can set up my sewing machine in the spare bedroom so I can sew. I also have several sewing projects to do, which include, but are not limited to: a sling for a friend and her daughter, pajamas/sleepers for my son, at least one apron for myself, a couple of quilts, and then all the repairs that need to be done. I want to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year too, so the sooner I get organized, the sooner I can make progress on those. I haven't decided what to make for everyone yet, but I'm sure I can take it one person at a time and get an idea.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

There are a lot of New Year's resolutions to be made...and few to be kept. I'm hoping to get organized, use my stash, complete projects, and lose some weight this year. There are other goals, like reading my Bible daily (so far, so good...I read it last night, and hope to read it again today at some point). I'm also trying to take the bigger goals and break them into smaller ones in order to make them manageable and attainable. I'm hoping to post more this year as well. I also want to update my Ravelry site, Flickr site, and keep up with everything better. I completed a hat for my baby already, but decided I didn't like half of it, so I'm going to fix it. I'm working on a cardigan for my baby as well. I hope to have pictures up either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.