Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Progress

I finished all the squares for the Baby I.Q. Afghan. Now for the seaming. I'm going to try seaming 4 squares at once instead of just 2 at a time. I'm also going to pass back through the corners to double the seam and hopefully it won't have holes.

I picked up my second Sheldon again this week, after finishing all the squares for the afghan. I'm over halfway done with his body, which is nice. I'll have to pull up some fiberfill for it later this week, or at least by Saturday. I'm somewhere in the 60s for rounds, and you stuff it in round 80. Since they are short rounds, it won't take long.

I have also made progress on the Classic Cardigan for my son by Debbie Bliss. Knit Night at TWNY helps TREMENDOUSLY. I love hanging out with the folks over's fun to listen and see what others are doing. I must say, sometimes it's rather disheartening to see people only making a scarf or a hat out of plain yarn with no pattern to it. I kow the important thing is that they're knitting, but to always see scarves is just...boring to me. I hear and see such great projects online that others are doing, and I go, hoping that someone will astonish me with their mad knitting skilz. It just hasn't happened yet. Maybe before the end of the year, it will. Or, maybe I'll be that Crazy Mad Knitter and become a knitting goddess before too long. It all depends on how soon I finish some other projects.

I'm having committment issues with my projects. I'm trying to finish all of them, and want to pick all of them up and finish them all right now. I'm trying to prioritize, but let's face it...there are only self-imposed deadlines on many of these projects. I'll keep plugging away at them, little by little. Slowly and steadily, they'll all get done.

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