Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I have a confession to make.  I really secretly like to wash dishes.  I secretly like putting away clothes.  I actually like housework.  I now understand why my mother-in-law doesn't want a dishwasher.  It's actually soothing, in some sick twisted way, to wash dishes.  I really do love having a stack of dishes to wash, making it through all of them, and looking to see a clean counter.  I can't say that I would go as far as not having a dishwasher, but I do enjoy washing some pots and pans from time to time.

My whole house is going to ring in the new year sick, with me as the only exception.  The children picked up a cold somewhere along the way, and have been under the weather.  It seems my hubby has caught the same cold, and so far, I'm the only one who has not come down with it.  It will probably strike at the worst possible moment, like on Friday, during work, when it's my busiest time.  In preparation for the worst, I am working over the holiday.  I had a surprise project given the week prior to Christmas, and that ate up my time to finish things.  So, I'm trying to make up for it.

In the meantime, I'm still working on the sweater for Little Man's birthday, and I've been reading.  I received several of the YarnHarlot's books for Christmas, and I already finished one and started another one.

This one, "Things I Learned from Knitting...whether I wanted to or not" is a fast read.  I think it took me about a week, and I only picked it up for 15 minutes here and there.

How are you ringing in the new year?

Monday, December 29, 2014

New Endeavors

This past year seems to have been rough.  My friend at Knot Knecessarily Knitting had a rough year too.  I think 2014 was rough for a lot of us.  I have started Little Man's birthday sweater.  He decided on the color Gold from Valley Yarns Berkshire.  I picked out the pattern Lancelot, and he approved.

He liked it, so did I and I bought the pattern.  I don't buy many patterns, but this one I think is well worth it.  Honestly, I wish I had purchased it earlier.  It would have helped move the Business Casual socks along a little faster I think.  She uses the same idea in the cables, but approaches them slightly differently.  It's clever to me, and it would have been useful.  Oh well - live and learn.  And now that I have the pattern, if I decide to make the Business Casual socks again (I'm thinking perhaps for my Sister-in-Love for Christmas this next year?), it will speed them up a bit.

I have the goal of knitting 3 sweaters for myself this year.  I'm also thinking on the first one as I knit this one.  I plan on finding my copy of Knitter's Workshop and knit the hybrid sweater.  It starts from the bottom up, which is what makes me think of it while knitting the birthday sweater.  It too starts from the bottom up.  It's a new technique for me, as I usually prefer from the top down.  I'm not opposed to bottom up, but top down seems easier to me.  So far though on Lancelot, so good.  I really do like it, and the yarn is nice and soft.  It doesn't have a lot of twist, so you have to be careful not to split it.  I like it, and even the color.  I'm not usually a yellow fan, but I like the gold.  What are you working on?  How are you planning to ring in the new year?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fun planning

There's an oxymoron for you: fun planning.  It sounds like a contradiction, but in reality, it's not.  I have been looking on Pinterest, which is dangerous for any crafty person, and finding ideas for the new year in being organized.  I love the idea of the Bullet Journal, and went to get a composition journal.  It's a simple investment, and an easy one.  The website suggests one that is way more expensive, but I just made a simple $2.89 investment from Office Max.  That way, if it isn't for me, I didn't spend $30 on one.

I'll see how it works for a month or two.  It will be lighter to carry around in my purse than my Day Runner, but I got a refill for that one too.  I'm going to use that one at home, and the Bullet Journal at work.  I can transfer things weekly into the Day Runner, and use the Day Runner more for business ideas.  I don't mean "business" as in work; I mean "business" as in my own.  It's been an idea my hubby and I have been kicking around for a couple of years, and this year, we're going to be intentional about it.  It's hard with three children and a house - but we have to be more intentional about a lot of things.  Have you started planning for the new year?  How do you plan?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Where am I going?

This next year, and I'm trying to start now, is going to be about being intentional.  So, let's get started.  First, remember these?

They were wrapped and gifted to my mom.  She unwrapped them, and said she really liked them on Christmas Day (yesterday).  Then, once she got home, she tried them on.  She then called, and asked for three more pair.  She said they fit wonderfully, and since there was no seam on the toe, they didn't hurt her foot.  She asked if she gave me money for the yarn, would I be willing to make her 3 more pair?  How can any knitter refuse?  She said no rush, there's no time constraint, but she wants 3 more pair to wear to work.

Do you remember these?

Or at least me telling you about was a free pattern from The Purl Bee.  I added bows to differentiate between them for the children.  The purple was for the baby, the red for Little Man, and the pink for Princess.  The bow pattern I also promised to post, so here it is:

Easy Bow

Yarn: a few yards of a light worsted or dk weight yarn
Needles: size US 4 (I used DPNs, because I used them for the hedgehogs and they were handy)

Cast on 8 stitches.
Row 1: Knit all stitches.
Row 2: K 1, P 6, K1.

Repeat these 2 rows 20 more times (42 rows total).  Bind off.
Sew ends together.  Fold circle in half, so that the seam is in the middle of the back.  Sew the top and bottom edges together.  Fold in a zigzag pattern; wrap yarn around the middle and tie in the back.

There you go.  The children loved those as well, although the kazillion other toys have a tendency to overshadow this type of toy.

This next year, I hope to be more intentional.  I have several projects already lined up, and I will post progress here about them.  Will you help hold me accountable?  A friend of mine is embarking on a similar journey.  She has set forth goals for herself and she's starting today (she was a Christmas baby).  She's calling it the 35th project, and you can read about it here.  I need some encouragement, and she and I are working together to meet a couple of goals.  Send us your thoughts and best wishes.  Any constructive criticism is welcome, but meanness is not.  You know the rules.  Let's help each other out - if you want me to hold you accountable, put your goal/email/website in the comments, and I'll make a note to check with you on it.  If I can do it, so can you.  It takes us helping each other to reach monumental goals, and there's no better time than the present to start.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas and other things

It's been a mad house around here.  Hardly anything is ready for Christmas, although I did take it easy on myself and only did a few knitted presents this year.  The ones I made were mostly by request - the rest of the gifts were bought.  I managed to find and make a few surprises, like these:

I found the pattern on The Purl Bee, and had to make one for each of my children.  Aren't they adorable?  One has a pink hair bow, one has a purple hair bow, and one has a red bow tie.  I kind of made up the bow pattern.  I'll share that later, after pictures.  I'm working on wrapping presents and I am finishing the last of the knitted ones.  I found I had extra time and yarn, and so I'm adding to what I already have.  It's actually rather nice to not be in a rush to get things done, feel a time crunch, and be in a panic.  I love Christmas, and little by little, I'm already starting to plan next year's.  I know that sounds insane, but if I can get organized now, and figure out what I need/want, then next year I can put in a game plan and start early enough so that it's not a hassle.  I'm also looking towards the new year, and thinking about how I need to work that as well.  There are a lot of changes that I really want to make, things I want to make progress on, projects I want to complete, and the like.  I'm trying to take some time to reflect on this past year and create a game plan for next year, to make it better.  Quite frankly, I had a rather crappy year.  I had a lovely new baby girl added to our family, but work had severe issues, money was a problem (try a HUGE bill from said new baby), and there was little to no progress in some other areas.  Next year, I'm going after it all.  It sounds like a lot, but there's that old Chinese proverb - "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  So, each day, you wake up and think about what you can do to take one step.  After a whole 365 days of stepping, you've made progress.  I don't anticipate completing everything this next year, but I want to make progress on it.  There are some things I definitely want to accomplish (some teaching tools, more crocheted items, a plan of attack for all holidays), and there are things that I want to make progress on (work, money issues, personal growth).  Getting a game plan is the best way to do that, and I'm getting there.  It's slow, and I really do have to actually sit down with a piece of paper and pencil (I'm seriously old-school with that - I need a pencil, not a pen, as I make a lot of mistakes and need to erase a lot).  I need to create categories and write down the goal for that category, and then steps to reach that goal.  The new year holds a lot of promise, and I want that promise to be fulfilled.  My theme for this next year is "Be Intentional."  Everything we do should be intentional - with a purpose and a goal in mind.  Even having fun should be intentional - we need to let off steam and create memories with our children.  Be in the moment, for once the moment is gone, it can never be regained.  Do you have plans for the new year already?  How's your holiday season shaping up?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Epic Sweater Fail

There was a time when I was invincible in the knitting world.  I had no fear, and I dove in head first for much of what I wanted to do.  These days, I’m not afraid, but I have very little brain power to spare.  I have attempted at least 3 times to knit myself a sweater, and I have failed.  Every.  Time.  This is failure of epic proportions for me. 

Failed Attempt #1

Failed Attempt #2

So, I’m going back to the basics.  I tried to knit the lovely Oatmeal Pullover, and the second time through (or was it the third?), realized the sweater and my body were not compatible.  This happens – you see something lovely in a store and think “I love that shirt/dress/sweater/skirt/whatever” only to go in and try it on and find that a potato sack would fit better.  I have to re-learn things that I thought I knew.  Maybe I still know them, but they are buried deep in the recesses of my mind.  This happens as you get older (so I am told).  So, I am going to embark on a journey.  I invite you to come along with me. 

I am starting on another bulky weight sweater for myself.  This will be a basic raglan sweater, knit from the top down.  I have my tape measure, my pencil (I need a pencil because I have to erase a lot), all the yarn I could possibly need for this sweater, needles, stitch markers, a calculator, and paper.  Hopefully I will re-learn a lot of fitting techniques, and maybe even a few new ones.  I hope to have this one done before the really cold weather sets in (although we’ve been having freakishly cold weather here already, and it’s super early for it!).  Will you come with me on my journey?  I know the next few weeks are filled with cooking, baking, cleaning, holidays, parties, concerts, shopping and all kinds of craziness (since now apparently shops have what my hubby calls “Hallogivingmas”), but I think taking some time out for myself (or ourselves) is important too.  I know that I will be the only one to give myself something handmade. 

Funny side story for handmade items: one place that I worked, we always did a small birthday celebration for those in our group.  We had a cake, bought and signed a card, and usually gathered a little cash for a gift card for the person.  It was a small group, so this wasn’t a big deal financially, but it always was a nice gesture.  I, being the baker in the group, would usually bake a cake for whoever it was – I tried to find out their favorite and make sure we had that.  When it was my birthday, I got a store bought cake.  It was one from a local grocery store, and not even one that had a bakery in it – it was one of the bundt cakes that come on a truck already baked and packaged.  I still loved them, as it was more the gesture of thought than the cake itself, but it was just funny that I got a lowly pre-packaged bundt cake with strawberry gel on top, while everyone else got a lovely homemade fresh baked cake.  I still love those people.  And I'm still baking cakes, including my own.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

On the fence

I started this crocheted afghan over a year ago:

It's a free pattern I found through Ravelry; Sampler Afghan, by Marianne Forrestal. It's a lovely crocheted block style afghan, and then you whipstitch all the blocks together, and add a border.  My problem is that not all the blocks are as even as I'd like.  This means I have to redo several of them.  That's not really much of a problem, to be honest.  I like doing the blocks for the most part, and they go fairly quickly.  My biggest issue is that I've been distracted by the Neat Ripple Afghan, by Lucy of Attic 24.  Actually, it's just her use of color, and she's currently doing a Cosy Blanket CAL.  I have to admit that I am not normally inclined to her use of color, but it's been drawing me in recently.  I'm thinking of changing this one, undoing everything I've done, and putting it into some lovely crocheted stripes.  I have to "finish" the blanket, because I've been teaching a class.  I still need to whip at least 2 together, and work the border for a bit, so I can finish teaching.  What do you think?  Should I just redo the squares that need it, block them out and finish what I started, or rip it all out and start some lovely stripes?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  I miss hearing from you.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Progression of a sock

Here is today's progress.  Not too shabby...I hope to be down to the toe decreases tomorrow.  I really want to be done with this one by the weekend.  I already have another sock that needs the toe grafted.  Then I need to complete the second sock for that pair.  Fortunately, those socks are for Princess #1, so they are small and go quickly.  How is your Christmas knitting coming?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Race to the finish

So, here is where I am on Christmas present number one.   There is another sock, and a really long story to tell.  That will hopefully be over the weekend.  My tablet is not the best medium to use for communication,  but it works for now.   And I can give more WIP updates.  That's all for now!

Thursday, October 09, 2014


I would have updated something sooner, but back pain sucks.  I was fine and then all of a sudden, my back tightened up and it's been a painful existence ever since.  I finally had to get a couple of prescriptions from the doctor - it was that bad.  I worked from home (not that the boss was happy about it, but that was all I could do) and didn't feel like knitting or crocheting.  At all.  You know it's bad when that happens.  But, I did get to wear my socks.  I started a new one.  This one is for my mother for Christmas.  She asked for them.

It's the Business Casual sock, with a picot cast on.  My mom saw them when I took her to the doctor's office, and said she liked them and wanted a pair.  I changed the cast on, and used a lovely yarn from Madeline Tosh in Fragrant that I had in my stash.  I've turned the heel and am working on the foot, but I have to get the length.  She's supposed to be measuring her foot this weekend for me.  I'm trying to do a handmade Christmas again this year, as much as possible, but I'm cramped for time.  I hope to get these socks done in the next couple of weeks, and then I have 3 more pairs to do.  I was going to try Wraptor, from Knitty, but that would take WAY longer than the 2 weeks I have for each pair.  I'd love to sew a couple of pillows for the children, but if not, I have a couple of other gifts up my sleeve that will take far less time to make.  

I'm working on a serious shoe-string budget this year.  I'm trying to get everything (or as much as I can) done on about $400.  I was going to use $300, but I don't think I can make it.  Have you started making Christmas plans yet?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Testing new things

I am attempting something new.

It may not be the greatest, but now I can hopefully post more pictures!  Here is the latest new project, a Flax for the baby to match her big sister.  The biggest problem right now is seeing as I type, so I have to carefully proofread before publishing.  Hope it all comes together!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Not so great Oatmeal

I think I have realized that the pattern of Oatmeal, as much as I like the looks of the sweater, just doesn't work for me.

I'm not sure what the issue is, but I think since this is the third time I've tried to knit it, and it's still not working, I should just cut my losses and pick a different pattern.  No matter how I try, it's just not obeying.  Time to dig on Ravelry for another pattern for the yarn.  I love Jane Richmond, and her patterns are wonderful, but this one just isn't working for me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer Sweater Update

Well, I'm still working on my summer sweater for the KAL.  I did finish my Flax:

Ha!  I will take a completed photo of it this weekend.  It's time for school pictures for both my children, and the baby as well (can't very well leave her out of it, now can I?!), and I can add in the sweaters.  I'm SOOOOO close to finishing the body of my sweater, I actually hope to finish that by this weekend.  Oh, and remember these socks?

Well, it's been quite a week, and I had a chance to finish the second one today.  I thought these socks would NEVER get done.  I started them back for myself in January - January, people!  It's now September!  In any case, all I have to do is kitchner up the toe of the second sock, weave in the ends, and proudly wear them.  It's been a long time coming.

I managed to finish it while waiting in the doctor's office for my mother.  I told you this week has been crazy.  My parents were both sick at the same time, and that never happens.  Or at least, it hadn't happened until this week.  My dad had really high blood pressure and didn't want to get behind the wheel of a car, and my mom was sick with what we thought was a virus, but turned out to be her blood sugar.  So, since neither was really in a condition to drive, I got to cart them both to the doctor on separate occasions, one on Tuesday and one today.  I don't really mind, but it would have been a little more calm if I had known and could have planned with work a little better, instead of it being a last minute thing.  Both seem to be doing marginally better, and I'm hoping by the weekend both are well on their way to being well.

I realized after I finished the first Flax that I had enough to make the baby a matching sweater.  I also found yarn for another baby sweater never started for Princess, and I am constantly reminded of yet another started sweater that needs to be re-knit (and will now go to the baby) and I bought yarn to make yet another coordinating sweater for Princess.  I have been inundated with ideas; my hands just can't work as fast as my brain.

While knitting in the doctor's office, I found several of the older patients (and most of them were older) smiling in admiration at me.  Most said it took a lot of talent to knit a sock - I really wanted to tell them no, it doesn't take a lot of talent - just 4 needles and yarn.  I spoke to one lovely lady who had a bunch of crochet, knitting, and sewing items in storage in California, from before she moved here.  Her daughter had been encouraging her to get rid of it and she just didn't want to discard her treasures.  I helped her find the words to tell her daughter - it wasn't baggage, it was therapy.  Most people don't understand how crafts are therapy, and yet, they give us peace of mind.  They calm our soul, slow our breathing, help us center our minds and focus on something outside of ourselves.  So many people see only the hours upon hours of work only to find a flaw.  Crafts are not about perfection - they are usually about the process.  Of course we want a perfect end result (a sweater or socks that fit, no dropped stitches, beautiful lace or cable designs), but so much of it is about the process as well.  We wouldn't do what we do if it was all aggravation - we'd just purchase a machine knit sweater or manufactured skirt.  It's the rhythm and repetitive motion of making the garment that we enjoy.  It's the having to focus on one item and forget about the rest of the world and its troubles, even if it's only for 10 minutes.  It gives us a break from the hustle and bustle of our modern world, and connects us to past generations.  It connects us to future generations as well.  It's meditation and harmony and breathing.  It allows us to relax our minds and bodies while still being productive.

What are your thoughts?  Do you knit or crochet or sew for peace of mind or just for the end result?  What are you working on to find your zen?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Other projects

Here are a couple of other things I've done:

Princess wanted a scarf, and I wanted to get rid of some ribbon yarn.  It's a simple pattern: knit 5 rows, then on Row #6, wrap the yarn twice around the needle, and drop it on the next row (row 1).  I made a scarf for me AGES ago using that pattern, and it makes a pretty pattern for a novelty yarn.

This is the baby blanket I made for the newest addition.  Princess is helping to model it.

She loves the camera.  :)  More later on some projects, as I started participating in the Summer Sweater Knit Along with Luvinthemommyhood.

Do you have any knitting plans for the summer?

Monday, July 28, 2014

So here's what I've been up to recently...

Baby #3 is growing like a weed, as are the other 2.  Children have a tendency to do that.  Here's my big girl holding my little girl:

She flips back and forth between wanting to be a big girl, and wanting to be the baby.  I did find the missing knitting I was looking for the other day.  Here's the missing sock:

The ends haven't been woven in, but it's done.  Once the second one is done, all ends will be woven in and then they will be worn.  Here's the status of the second sock:

I made some progress on it today - I finished the heel decreases and started down the foot.  I figure if I have 3-4 more days at it, I should be finished.  How do I get so much time during the day, you ask?  That's the prerogative of a nursing mother who works full time.  I have a nice little office that I can lock and while I'm providing food for my baby, I spend some time knitting.  It's handy during the day.

What have you been working on?   How do you fit knitting into your day?

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Catching Up

With a new baby, things get busy.  When you have 2 other children in the mix, things get even busier.  I have been knitting, and crocheting, and I'm working on trying to finish things.  I have a lot of yarn, and I have a lot of works in progress.  I've finished a scarf for Princess #1, and I'm working on a blanket just like this one for her:

And I just realized I never took a picture of the finished afghan.  In any case, Princess #1 wanted a blanket just like her little sister's, but bigger.  So, I'm working on it.  Then I have two sweaters to make for her and a sock to finish.  I'm still working on my Business Casual sock (sock #2), and I can't find the first one that's finished, and I don't remember if I wrote down how many repeats for the foot and if I did, where the notebook is, but I did get a yarn bowl.  I now also realize that when I take a picture of the finished afghan and scarf, I should also take a picture of the sock and yarn bowl.  There are a lot of things I should take pictures of, and hopefully in the next couple of days, I can get them taken.  In the meantime, I did take some pictures of the Littlest Princess.

I'm also hoping to post more often now.  And I'm hoping that some changes come through soon that will let me post more often on a regular basis.  Keep your fingers crossed for some positive changes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hiatus Hatred

I went on a hiatus, not because I wanted to, but because it just happened.  Everything I wanted to knit, or crochet, or sew...just wasn't working.  So, for about the past two weeks, I've done almost nothing.  And it was horrible.  But, I've since found my mojo again, or whatever it was that was missing (inspiration, perhaps?) and now look:

This is the quilt I'm making for baby #3, due in about 3 weeks.  Yes, I am this crazy.  I had a hard time figuring out what to do around the applique, until yesterday, and I realized that a blanket stitch would be perfect around most of it.  I have french knots for the eyes, and I still have to do the beaks for the birds, but I think just about everything else will be blanket stitch.  Then there's the issue of the stems for the vines, but I'll worry about that later.  Right now, it's time to get moving.  I'm planning on having someone else quilt it for me, namely Sew Main Street.  They have a long arm quilter, and for a very reasonable price, they will quilt it for me.  I love local shops.

Three baby sweaters, all from the same pattern, two in the same yarn, and all three a different size.  Go figure on the gauge.  In any case, it's the Puerperium Cardigan, and it's a wonderful pattern.  The buttons on all three I found at an antiques mall in Helen, and the green ones I believe are actually glass buttons.

And, because I am that mom, and I am that crazy, a blanket.  This one is Saurey, from Berroco.  I'm making it from Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, and using size 9 needles instead of 7.  It's a pretty leaf pattern, and I'm hoping to get both this blanket and the quilt done before the baby arrives.  At least my hiatus is over, and if I need to, both of these can wait a while until after the baby does get here.  The weather has warmed up nicely, so heavy blankets aren't necessary.

Have you picked out your summer projects?  What are you working on?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Good heavens

I knew it had been a while since I posted, but I didn't realize how long it had been until today.  I have good news - I did find my camera last night.  Then, the computer broke.  I figured out how to turn it back on, which is how this is showing up now.  I still have to make it a permanent fix, but at least it's on.  I finished, and I mean FINISHED, 3 baby cardigans.  I also knitted up a bib and washcloth.  I'm trying to keep my projects easy and practical.  I made 3 of these:

They turned out lovely.  I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

For now though, I hurt.  I've been working late, and it's causing a lot of physical discomfort.  It'll go away, and I'll be okay, but I'm just worn out.  I'll update about current projects later too.  For now, this will just have to do.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Slow Sock Syndrome

I should have been done with my socks by now - it's been almost a full month.  I'm not even done with the first one.  I can't say I have second sock syndrome, since I haven't finished #1 yet.  I actually haven't done much this month, except the Puerperium cardigan for the new little one on their way.

There's more to do, but it's getting harder to do it.  The weather has been up and down - first snow, then sunny and 70.  Sleep gets elusive from time to time, and work prevents naps and sleeping late.  I had hoped to do more, but honestly, I'm just tired.  I am on a quest this weekend to find the camera, and hopefully, there will be pictures this weekend.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Little things

I know it's been a while, and I even had days off.  Without a camera, it makes for boring blogging, I know.  But, here's what I've been up to: I cleaned the living room floor.  And I made a baby sweater.  That may not seem like much, but when you're looking at a floor covered in toys, it takes a while.  Oh, and I made cookies.  We made the brown butter cookies found here.  It's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe we've tasted.  If you know of a better, send it my way, and we'll test it.  Cleaning the floor took 3 hours with the kiddos, but it was all clean!  There were that many toys.  I also made this sweater while confined to the house due to snow and ice:

It's in Debbie Bliss Primo, a lovely shade of green.  I got the yarn for Christmas, and I couldn't think of a better use.  I just need about 8 purple buttons, and then it's all done.  Well, I also need to wash it.  I've set aside my sock, maybe because I keep messing up the pattern.  It really shouldn't be that difficult, but I've dropped a stitch and I've also added a stitch on the foot - in separate attempts.  So, the sock is temporarily in time out.  I'm about to cast on yet another sweater, but this one is for Princess.  She really wants her purple sweater.  So, I'm going to start it.  It's a fairly simple one, and I have the yarn.  It's just a matter of getting started.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

January Follow Up

Let's see how I did on my January Goals:

1. Little Man's birthday Sweater: completed.
2. Socks for me: started, but not yet done.
3. Slippers for me: knit, but not felted.
4. Cleaning a little each week: not so much - fail.
5. Blogging at least twice a week: so far, so good.

Not too bad, really.  Work was really rough the first few days of the month, so the fact that I got a good bit of knitting done is pretty impressive.  I also had a cold, which didn't help much.  When you feel bad, you don't really want to do much of anything.  I still can't find my camera - please don't hold it against me.  I'm hoping to find it soon.  It has mysteriously disappeared.  I'll list some February goals next time (along with some pictures).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days

In case you didn't know, Atlanta got dumped with about 3 inches of snow on Tuesday.  It wouldn't have been so bad, except that I don't think people really thought that we'd get it.  Snow is rare around here, but when it hits, it's debilitating.  The roads are curvy, and narrow, and hilly, and ice accumulates quickly.  We don't have a lot of salt trucks, since we rarely get snow, and it takes a long time for us to salt and sand roads once they do become icy.  I've lived in several places where snow was a regular occurrence, and I can tell you - it's just different here.  I did start my socks, and got a good ways down the leg, when I realized that I messed up the pattern.  So, out it went.  I know, I know - it wouldn't really have mattered, but they are mine, there's no deadline, and I can be particular about them.  I'm using this pattern:

It's called Business Casual, and it's from Tanis Fiber Arts.  I've admired her patterns for a while, and so far it's a great pattern.  Provided that I don't screw it up.  It usually comes down to a user error for me.  And that's okay - I can usually fix it.  I'm looking forward to having the first one done this weekend, and the second sock may get delayed a bit, as my busy time at work is coming up, and that means late nights and not a whole lot of knitting time.

In other news, Princess' tooth is fine, and Little Man lost his very first tooth today!  My babies are growing up, and it's wonderful to watch.  What have you been doing the past couple of days?  Have you been staying warm and wearing woollies, or just knitting them up?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Still Sick

I'm still sick - but getting better.  It's amazing how hard a cold can hit you when you're pregnant, and the weather goes from being 60 to being 20 in a matter of 2-3 days.  The camera is still missing - I have no idea to where it disappeared.  I finished knitting and seaming the slippers - now I just have to felt them.  They are incredibly easy to knit, and the seaming is easy, if you can pay attention to it.  Now, I'm deciding between starting my socks, or starting a sweater for Princess.  My goal for January would tell me to do my socks, and I think I will start them tonight, unless Downton Abbey distracts me.

Hubby bought me Seasons 1-4 for Christmas.  We're up to about the middle of Season 3 - no spoilers please!  I already know more than I want to about what happens in Season 3, and I don't want to know what happens in Season 4 until I watch it!  Speaking of Christmas presents, I also received this:

It's amazing to see what actually happens on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Barbara Parry breaks it down by season, and goes into detail about all the good, bad, and ugly of owning a sheep farm.  It's very informative about sheep and the life of a shepherd.  I highly recommend it if you've thought about owning even just one sheep or are curious about what it would take to own one.  It's also a great resource about some types of sheep and some great modifications modern farms need.  What have you been up to recently?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Slowing down

I finished the sweater, and still can't find the camera.  Trust me, he loved it.  He put it on, and it fit great.  It was slightly big, so he can wear a shirt under it, and he may be able to wear it next year as well.

I also started the French Press Slippers, and they are all knitted.  I had markers in it, then removed them, then put them back.  After watching the tutorial for seaming, I think I may iron the pieces slightly so they don't curl as much.  It's a little hard to see the edges, as they do curl a lot.  I'm sure though that I'll make this pattern again - it's easy and fun.

I still have one more item to knit for this month, in order to keep up with my goals.  So, I'm really not doing too bad.  However, I'm feeling a little under the weather.  I think the cold that's been going around my office has finally struck me.  I'm fighting it for all I'm worth, but if not, it could definitely slow me down.  Sleep, fluids, and soup will be my mantra.  I'd really like a pair of socks, though.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving along

Well, the birthday sweater is almost done - I'm on the collar.  I wish I could show you a picture, but my camera has gone MIA.  I hope that over the weekend I find it and can take pictures for you.  I'm going to finish it, and then start on my slippers.  I think I can get them knit up over the weekend, as I hear the pattern is really fast.

As for an update on Princess, she's doing fine.  The tooth is still a little loose, but we think it's healing.  She's still on a soft foods diet, which basically means no crackers.  This week has been up and down, but a lot of family time.  I was planning on going to Knit Night at The Whole Nine Yarns on Tuesday, but traffic was so bad, I didn't bother.  Somehow, there were several intersections blocked and I figured that by the time I got there, it'd be time to come back home.  It was tough for me to even get into my neighborhood.  What are you working on?

Saturday, January 11, 2014


So, yesterday was my 10th anniversary.  I've been married to the same wonderful man for 10 wonderful years.  We've had our ups and downs, but we've made it through together.  We've had 2 beautiful children, with a third on the way, and love every second of our children and our life together.  However, instead of having a lovely at-home celebration, I was greeted with my husband clutching my daughter to his chest, ushering our son out of the house, and hurrying to the car.

Apparently, just as I was leaving work, she fell and knocked out one of her front teeth.  Hubby had managed to put it back in, but we had to rush to a dentist that was open.  He tried to make a brace across her four front teeth, but with no luck (he was not a pediatric dentist, but did do the best he could, so it's not really his fault).  We're hoping the tooth stays, with no real damage, and she makes a full recovery.  Help us pray that the beautiful smile stays, and the bruises heal.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Resolutions...or Goals...or Something for January

I've seen a lot of debate about making "resolutions" versus "goals" for the new year.  Whatever you call it, it's always nice to start with a fresh page for the new year.  I have a few myself for the month of January:

  1. Little Man's Birthday Sweater, which I already started
  2. Socks for me
  3. Slippers for me
  4. Organizing the house, little by little each week
  5. Blogging at least twice a week
This list hopefully will continue to rotate, and I'll make progress on all the items listed above.  Can you keep me accountable for #5?  If I don't blog at least twice week, then send me a message via Ravelry (angelfire212).  Maybe that will help me out!  Sometimes I just quite honestly forget. How about you?  Do you have any New Year's resolutions or goals?