Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I found the solution to the edging on the Pi Shawl. I emailed Schoolhouse Press, and was rather surprised that Meg emailed me back yesterday. I had also scoured the internet, and found some directions that were helpful. However, I have to say, Meg's directions were a little better (she suggested a provisional cast on, which is PERFECT). I'm hoping the shawl will be done soon - and I can post pictures. I'm planning to take a few more pictures, and I have a TON to upload, so we should have a plethora of pictures soon on here. :) Here's to time on my side...hopefully.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm slowly but surely changing you can tell by the new updates. I'm still working on it, but it's a start. I have pictures - I just need to download them from my camera to my computer. It's a process. I'm close to being done with EZ's Pi Shawl. The last section feels like it's taking forever. I have 5 rows left, plus the edging. So far, so good. I have to hurry though, and that makes me want to do nothing but knit...including ignoring school work and housework. Thus far, I've been successful in not avoiding either, and keeping up with things. I'm hoping maybe this weekend I can take a little time to relax and knit for a while. I'm not counting on it though. I have too much to do. I do hope to update the blog a little more and get a few pictures up (just have to download them to the computer...really, 15 minutes is all I need to make time for...perhaps on Sunday).

Baby's doing well, as is Little Man. He's getting over a little sinus issue, and Hubby has now picked it up (maybe it's actually a cold that I'm immune to?). If I didn't have to work (and since I probably won't have a job soon, that statement might be "since I am out of work"), I could get SOOO much more done. Work seems to get in the way of life. I have painting, cleaning, knitting, cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, and learning I want to do, and work takes up most of my day. I guess that's just life. It kinda sucks like that.

Good news - a new concert for us to go see! Well, actually, it's not NEW, it's the second leg of a tour that we didn't get to see the first time because I passed out. Twice. Long story...but the EMT was partially to blame. Anywho, we're going again and it should be fun since we'll have at least one other person with us. This fall will ROCK! :)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Still working...for now

I'm still working on projects - I did finish the February Baby Sweater, but need buttons. I have buttons for the Hawthorn, but I have yet to finish that. I'm still working on the EZ Pi Shawl.

In other news, last month was definitely in turmoil for me. After hitting the 6 month mark for Baby#2, my MBA program started. Then the same week as the final for the first class, my company announced they had entered into a "Definitive Agreement" with another company to purchase them. For those who don't understand what that means (and that was several people at my office), it means in 3-6 months after the sale is final, our office will close. Permanently. Forever. No more job. Start looking now. Then I had 2 group projects and a final due and a new class started, all in that same week. It was insane. Not to mention I started nesting in a major way, and the whole house was a bit jumbled for a week. Little Man finally has a big boy room though, and the baby's room is in progress. The kitchen was also upheaved, due to the potential of a new refrigerator. That didn't work too well, and so we were back to square 1. We did purchase a new King Size bed - how did we ever sleep so long on that full-size mattress that was so old?! - and I'm so glad we did. That bed is pure heaven. Sleep is better, which makes eating better, which means I'm back in the gym, and I have more energy (although it still gets depleted easily). I'm also beginning to switch to a new eating plan - the Eat Clean Diet. More to come on that later.

Back to knitting: the Pi Shawl is coming along well. I had a minor issue getting to the last section (576 stitches!) but I did correct the problem. Stitch markers, even on an easy lace shawl, are your friend. Never forget that. I hope to make a few changes around here as well - we'll see if I can get a few things done between now and the end of the month. I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed - things are looking up. :)