Friday, June 16, 2006

More News

Well, I haven't knit anything, and I HAVE to get started on baby things. There are lots of blankets, booties, hats, sweaters, and toys to knit up. I've been a lazy bum. I also have 3 maternity sweaters to knit for myself (since I'll be big-pregnant in the winter). I haven't started on those either.

We received some bad news not long after we had the good news. My grandmother passed away on the 2nd, and her funeral was last Tuesday. It was sad because we'll miss her, but it was also happy because she was a terrific Christian lady who really lived her faith and we know we'll see her again in heaven. In any event, the sonogram pictures went to my dad, who's now living at her house since he's an only child and he has ownership of everything. The upside to this is that with the investments my grandmother had, the baby will be well taken care of in the furniture department.

I'm going to try and start something this weekend, if I'm not too tired. I've been sleeping more this week and I think I might actually have the energy to do something other than lie around the house on Saturday.