Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holy Guacamole, Batman!

I cannot believe how fast time has flown, and I still have yet to pick up my needles this year. I've been reading like crazy, but no knitting or crocheting. I have also been busy conducting a job search, which has led to a whole lot of interviews, one job offer, and still no work. I can hear you saying to yourself, who on earth would not take a job offered with 10% unemployment in the state of Georgia?! I would, if the price was too low. When the salary won't meet your needs (and I do mean needs, no wants here), it's foolish to take a job that will inevitably hang you upside down.

I have several projects that desperately need completion, and I haven't even picked up the needles yet. I have pants to match the February baby sweater, which ironically cannot be worn in February, because it's too flippin' warm to wear. Oh well - I need to get those pants done anyway and put the buttons on the sweater so it can be worn. I'm secretly hoping for a cold snap so the outfit can be shown off on the Princess.

This week will be a cleaning frenzy; taxes, Little Man's room and toys/playroom, the master bedroom, the desk, and Princess's room all need serious work. I have one interview this week on Thursday, and the rest of the week is free for cleaning. I hope that once the cleaning is done, job searching will be easier (or at least easier to focus on for me). Once that happens, maybe I can start working on other projects I need to finish.