Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mid-August Night Dreams

It's hot. Like incredibly hot - we've had temperatures over 90 for the past 4 months. It's usually hot in Georgia, but we've had more 90+ degree days this year than normal. And we've been weirdly busy, without planning it.

I quit working at the college, because childcare is now unreliable at best, and borders occasionally on negligent. Things continue to be complicated with our living situation, in ways that it shouldn't be, but is.

We started our new homeschool year. Each year changes, and this year was no exception. All three are doing "for real" school work - even the Littlest Princess. We also have more time because I am not teaching out of the house anymore. This makes it a little smoother and less halting. We're still adjusting, as we now get to school a full 5 days instead of 3 full and 2 partial days. We still go to book clubs, although those are changing too.

We managed to take our first family vacation this year - we went to Charleston. It was fun (and educational - we slipped a few educational things in on the kids, which were incredibly fun for everyone and they didn't recognize it as "learning") and we all got sunburned at the beach.

We are growing together as a family - traveling the winding path of life and exploring the twists and turns along the way. It's not an easy path, but each challenge - a bump in the road, a twist in the path, a rock or tree limb that inhibits our way - we grow, and learn, and change. And we do it together.

In addition to educating our children, I have been attempting to educating myself. Sometimes my education is simply by reading a book outside my normal genre. I find being drawn to history and biographies more. I usually read fiction - classical literature, murder mysteries, and even some newer fiction. I still do, but I am broadening my scope. I have been picking up historical fiction, historical accounts, biographies. These are books that before held little to no interest to me before. I have also been looking in to homeopathic remedies more. Not in a crazy "modern medicine is trying to kill us" way, but in a "would a natural option with fewer or no side effects work" kind of way. Holistic medicine, treating the underlying cause and not just the symptoms as well as treating the whole person and not just the disease (truly caring for people), is an interest. I've had an up and down relationship with medication - I think most people would say the same. If there's a better way, shouldn't we find it? What works for me may not work for you. Here's an example: I know someone who swears by ketoprofen. He thinks it's great for his sciatica. And it works for him. I have taken it, and it does nothing for me. I get more relief from back pain with a heating pad than ketoprofen. Do I tell him he's wrong? No - just that the pills don't work for me. I try other things to alleviate the pain. I have been searching for herbs and extracts that can help alleviate my symptoms, because it's more natural. The ketoprofen can cause constipation or diarrhea, but the heating pad won't. I don't eschew the use of Western medicine - I still have ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and take antibiotics when needed. I just think Western medicine isn't the be-all-end-all to all our health issues.

In the world of crafts, I really haven't been doing much. I've been repairing toys here and there, knitting a few washcloths, and trying to finish what I've started. I am trying to make progress on different projects here and there, but I am focusing more on reading this year. Reading is important in learning, and teaching, and I am trying to do both.