Friday, January 11, 2008


There was no knitting last night, because Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary! We've been married a wonderful 4 years, and we had a lovely dinner last night at Blu's Greek Taverna in Marietta. It was fantastic. The food was incredible, the atmosphere inviting and warm, and although it was slightly expensive for what we normally do, it was well worth it. We left Sebastian at home with my parents, and enjoyed the evening.

In other news, I found out everything was normal from the tests I had at the doctor's office. I guess that's a good thing?! At least I know there's not an underlying troll waiting to destroy the countryside while I sleep. This is encouraging in some ways, and discouraging in others. However, I have new resolve and a healthy lifestyle change is on the horizon.


Theresa said...

Hey Laura - Hi! I found you on Ravelry (I used to live in Woodstock, so I was looking there) and I want to do the Pay It Forward. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow, since I already blogged today. I'd hate for everyone to think I never did anything but surf at work. cough. cough. Is that okay with you?

Theresa said...

Okay, I've written the blog, and it's ready to be posted tomorrow! I've got a direct link to you.

Julie said...

Lifestyle changes are so hard... be easy on yourself, and go slow. Every little thing counts; you don't have to do it overnight.

And you'll feel so much better. (I always say, the thing I hate most about working out, is that it works.)