Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've been busy...collecting. I'm collecting blogs, ideas, projects, items for various and sundry parties, friends...the list goes on. I went to the local knit night at The Whole Nine Yarns and met two incredibly funny women, Codegrl and Lizardsmells from Ravelry. We had a great time laughing and knitting. I've made some progress on the Classic Cardigan, but have no pictures. I have, however, updated my Flickr site. I also updated my Ravelry page (check out my projects now - angelfire212). I even managed to work out a quilt pattern for a lonely fat quarter I have and wanted to showcase. I'll probably be working late into the night for the next few weeks...there are a lot of projects I want to make some serious progress on, and I just can't while I'm sitting here at work, doing basically nothing. I will also hopefully be filing my taxes this month. I have to collect all the information for that as well. I'm off to collect more stuff...maybe soon I'll show some collections to you.

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