Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Ever have those days when things feel like they are spiraling at an increasing speed and you are just trying to hang on for dear life? Yeah...that has been me over the past 3 days. There have been all kinds of things that have popped up, most are temporary, but all seem to be immediate. Things like:

1) Our pastor left. That may seem inconsequential, but his wife was the music minister. So we have 2 holes to fill, but it was more than just preaching and music on Sunday morning. It was a partnership with the elementary school, choir practice and special music, church meetings and keeping the calendar, and a million other little jobs they did.

2) A women's retreat at church. Again, it may seem irrelevant, but I am coordinating it. And our speaker fell through.

3) Spring semester at the local college started. I knew this was coming, and have been looking forward to it. However, I have had less time to prepare than I would have liked due to the holidays.

4) I took an ingenious idea to get my doctorate and start it this year. Not a big deal, until I got talked into starting it sooner than expected because of a scholarship opportunity.

5) At our last church, there was a Biblical Counseling course they did, and I wanted to participate but never had the time or money. Now after reaching out about the books used, I was offered an opportunity to get it at a fraction of the cost and online, so the timing was flexible.

6) Hubby and I found an apartment complex that we may be able to afford with assistance. I also discovered a program for helping families like ours purchase a home.

All of these things mean my time is super limited, even more than normal.  I am still homeschooling my children, and both my older children are in book clubs. That is good and bad - another obligation, but I get some semi-free time. I know I should say no more, but once the initial panic calms down, I think I can handle it. My brain can process small bits at a time. I have to plan the work and work the plan. And stay on top of it all, which small steps can accomplish.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Working On It

I am back to working on my V neck Boxy. I got the back and both fronts done, and have joined the body. All I have to do is knit. And knit. And knit.

It should be great for knitting while watching TV, although I am trying to watch less and read more. My next major project is a sweater for Little Man. I have the yarn, but still have to wind it. Guess what is on the list for tomorrow?

Monday, January 15, 2018


I started another crochet project, because I had some of the yarn and am having a great time with the blanket.

I pulled out the Mandala yarn from Lion Brand that I bought for Little Man. His birthday is Saturday, and he will be 11. Can you believe it? Eleven already. He is as smart as ever, picking up some sarcasm like a good boy, and has a terrific sense of humor.

I asked him about a sweater for his birthday, and he still wants one. It won't be ready for Friday, but I will make one. I also have a dragon to make for him. A big one, with enormous wings. This year will be more fun stuff, and not so much about Christmas. I still have a sweater for me and some socks, 2 unicorns and blankets for the girls, several books to read and at least one shawl for me. That should keep me sufficiently occupied this year, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Cozy Woods

I have been working on the Woodland Stripe blanket, in the Cozy Stripe colorway. I am using the stripe sequence from the Cozy blanket, which means I have all my colors lined up. There has been a little extra planning, as the Woodland blanket pattern has 117 stripes, and the Cozy blanket only has 90. So, how am I dealing with this? Simple - I am repeating the first sequence (about 16 colors) and I did the first color for the starting row and rows 2 and 3.

Another change I have made is with color changes. Most of the time, the directions read "end with dc, change to new color, ch 3." I change the color at the top of the last dc (or sc, whichever stitch it is), and then chain 3. I also catch the ends under the next row.

Catching the ends makes weaving them in a bit easier. I will also finish weaving them in section by section.

The colors are not as bright as I imagined, which is nice. I thought they would look more vibrant, almost neon or day glow, but they are actually more subdued. It looks really good.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Finished objects and more

I did finish my Veronika, and have worn it.  I really need to get a picture of it on, but maybe I can do that later.

I started a blanket. It is coming together nicely, when there is not a user error in the pattern.

I have also finished one book! I am one book closer to my goal! I hope read at least 9 more. I have 7 that I have started, and if I can finish those, my goal of 15 will be easy.

I am working towards my goals quickly. I am getting school all lined up, and the search for a house is in the beginning stages.

This year is off to a great start!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

WIP Wednesday

So I finished my Veronika last night, at least the knitting. I would show it to you, but I stuck it in the washer (it is acrylic and wool, so I think it will be okay) so I can block it. That is later today's project.

I am also still working on the Snow Queen cape/blanket. So far, I think it is turning out okay.

I have a CAL starting on Friday. It is the Woodland blanket, in the Cosy stripe colorway. It should be fun.

I also have my V-neck boxy and a birthday sweater to do. There is a dragon and 2 unicorns to make. I think that is all of my WIPs. How about yours?

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This is the time for new beginnings. Just about everyone I know is making resolutions. Have you made yours? I have several, and I have thought carefully about them.

First on my list is more or better self-care. I have had a tendency to neglect myself this past year, even after falling. If I don't take care of me, no one else will. I also must teach my children to care for themselves, in all ways. Not to be selfish, but so that they do not get hurt. Neglect can lead to injury, and simple care can prevent it.

Along with self-care goes more knitting for me. I have not made something for myself that actually fits and I enjoy it for a long time. So, this year, I plan on focusing more on me and what I would like. No one else knits, so if I want something handmade, it is up to me.

Moving is on tha agenda for this year. We need our own place. The children need separate rooms. We need a more stable income and environment. Times are tough, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Deeper knowledge is always a good goal. This year, I want to dig deeper into knowledge of my Savior. Jesus is a top priority, and although everyone may not agree, I want a deeper understanding of God, His Son, His Spirit and His Word. Many people object to God and Christianity by what they think they know or what someone else has told them. I believe this is short-sighted. Second, third, or fourth hand accounts are heresay. Read for yourself. Learn for yourself.

Speaking of reading, last year I had a goal of reading 10 books. I read 6. This year, I challenge myself to read 15. If I have the same rate of success, it will be 9 for the year.

I want to lose 100 pounds this year. I have already started making a conscious effort in that direction. Eating healthy meals that are balanced, eating smaller portions and eating every 3 hours will take me a long way in reaching that goal. Exercise will come when possible. Right now, the extra weight and tense muscles prevent most of that from happening. As part of self-care, a healthier body is a must. Interestingly, I think pictures are also part of that.

I am close to being done with my Veronika. I think by the end of the week I will be done, which is great because it will be cold all week long.

What about your New Year's resolutions?