Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, work still sucks...but knitting is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I figured it all out...and I made some socks using the most extreme knitting I could think of. I started from the toe, double knit, on Magic Loop. They turned out really well too. I have 3 more sizes to go through, and then once they are all done, I'm going to type up the directions, and I'll post it on here. I'm thinking about putting it in a PDF format and making it available for a small donation. After all, it was a lot of time and effort on my part. I'm hoping to get a few test knitters to try it out, or at least read through it to make sure it makes sense to more than just me. I'm hoping to get the pictures of the great reveal from one of the lovely ladies at TWNY. I was surprised at how easy the socks actually were!

I need to get cracking on updating this site...there's oh-so-much to do on it. I'll have to sit down maybe Monday night and work on it (hubby has a massive paper due on Monday, so stolen moments with the computer is all I can manage this weekend!).

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Anonymous said...

sorry that work sucks so much. I'm having the same problem where I work. I'm not in quite as much heck as you seem to be but I too am probably on my last legs. UGH!! I wish I could stay home too but kids are expensive and one will be going to college after next year. You hang in there and it'll all work itself out for you. Good luck and God Bless.