Monday, October 04, 2010

New happenings

Well, there's been a lot going on around here, and yet, not a whole lot has changed on the knitting front.

Our baby girl entered the world on September 3rd, and she made it fast. We're talking 3 hours and 20 minutes of labor, people! She was ready to come and didn't waste any time about it.

I started working on the top-down raglan knitalong from Spud and Chloe. If you haven't been over there, go check it out. It's easy to follow instructions and moves fairly quickly. I'm about halfway done with mine, and I've been trying to catch up on sleep from having a baby! I'm working on the body, and don't have that much left. I hope by the end of the month to have a new sweater, and from the way the weather is progressing, I'm going to need it.

There are several projects waiting to get out of the WIP basket (and yes, I now have a basket, although not all the works-in-progress can fit in in itself is a work in progress) and I'm slowly but surely finishing my EZ Pie Shawl. There are a few baby things in there as well (buttons must be found and sewn on). Once I can clear it out, new projects can fill it. And trust me, there is a long list of those projects! Two new sweaters are waiting, afghans will be crocheted and knitted, and more baby things are to come!