Friday, February 08, 2008


I found the cord for the camera, so here we go with some pictures of the cardigan:

Here's an upclose shot of the "Man Stripe", which I think makes it look adorable on my baby, despite what others think. He hardly ever wears something like this, so I don't see the harm. I promise that I will not make him wear a Man Stripe all the time...just this cardigan has one to make it match the Reversible Hat.

Here's a view of my knitting...I get a lot of comments on it, or did, at my LYS. The knit stitches are twisted at the base, because of the way I wrap my yarn. I still get the fabric I want, so it's not "wrong". I can "fix" it, but I like it this way.

This cardigan should be finished (with the exception of the button band and buttons) by next week. I'm already on the yoke, as you can tell. I am loving knitting baby projects...they work up fast. I have a couple of more projects for babies that I need to work on; I just can't help but put my baby first. So sue me. :) I'm a momma.


pigbook1 said...

I do that too! Is it because of the way you wrap your purl or your knit do you know? I think mine is the purl. Knitting that way you have to double check patterns sometimes. for instance in my current project (clapotis) you are instructed to twist the stitches before and after the dropped stitch, but I just have to untwist the dropped stitch instead.
I love the sweater btw

Siobhan said...

The twisted stitches do give it a nice texture!

Hair of the Dog said...

You may find that your twisted stockinette stitch uses slightly more yarn than if you had not twisted the stitches. Just monitor that and always be sure to have extra yarn on hand just in case.