Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday and a new life

Well, I'm finally able to relax. I'm glad to be gone from the old job I had, and now perhaps I can keep up with this and so many other things I want to do. Since I don't have to work late all the time, I'll be free to do stuff like cleaning during the week, and knit on the weekends. I also found some of the stuff I want for Christmas gifts at my new job (someone was selling the oranges and tangelos for stockings) and it looks like I'll be home in about 10 minutes EVERY DAY. You gotta love a short commute. I am still decompressing from the old place, and it's been about a week, and I would say I'm about halfway there. I'm hoping this next week I'll be able to push a little and get into a new routine. Then I can spend more time doing what I want to do and having fun doing it. I'm all happy and excited.