Saturday, October 28, 2017


I have been working quickly, as quickly as I can, to get things done. Unfortunately, this time of year makes everything go slower. There are so many things happening. I am sure you feel this way too. So, here are my goals for the next week (let's take it a week at a time, and see what happens).

First, finish this sock. It is for Christmas, and needs a mate, but first things first.

Second, finish my Iced. We had a cold snap, and I could have used a heavy cardigan. Another one is sure to happen, as it is that time of year.

Third, blog at least 3 times this week, to keep myself on track and honest. We all need a little more accountability.

What are you working on for the busy season?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Not quite

I was so close to being done, and then I noticed this.

I dropped a stitch way back before the first armhole.  So, I am taking it out, and will hopefully finish it by the end of next month.  I was hoping to finish it this month, but I need to do some Christmas knitting. 

This has been a month gone wrong for me.  I had high hopes and grand plans, and just about all of them have been derailed.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Out again

I was doing so well.  I even had 2 massages to help, but yesterday I leaned forward to turn off the car, and my back strained again.  I have been drinking water, laying on a heating pad, using Tiger balm, and taking muscle relaxers.  I can slowly move a little, but it is limited.  Sitting is also limited, so laying down is most frequent. 

I am trying to not let it deter my progress on projects.  The holidays are still coming and will not wait.  Have you started any new projects?

Monday, October 16, 2017

What to finish

I am being pulled in all kinds of directions for knitting.  I have a dishcloth, a sweater coat, a wrap, a sock and a unicorn that are all begging to be finished.  They are all in various stages, none of them super close (like within an hour, except maybe the dishcloth) of finishing, but all asking to be finished.  I also have those 2 unicorn hooded scarves to finish, as I got the needed yarn.  One of those might be done in an hour, but I doubt it, with all the fringe that needs to be cut. 

I have other things that need attention as well.  Children, laundry, food, books, boxes and housework all seem to speak at once, growing louder and louder each moment.  When I pick one, I calm and quiet it for a bit, but then it is replaced by something else. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The need to finish

I had big plans.  I planned on taking my children on a field trip, finishing several projects, menu planning...the list goes on and on.  All of this in just a couple days, for fall break.  Instead, I started a dishcloth for a swap, and it feels like it is taking forever.  The weekend is still young, and if I get up earlier (I lounged a bit this morning), I may be able to get more done.  Today perhaps was my down day.  Maybe I will be more productive tomorrow.

Thursday, October 05, 2017


I do not normally post things on politics or world events or highly controversial issues, because that is not the main point of this blog.  I write because I enjoy it, it is a creative outlet, and I believe someone somewhere reads it and understands about whatever I am talking.  Sometimes throwing some words out about frustration, excitement, or disappointment makes you feel better.  As much as I would love to gain superstar status like the Yarn Harlot, I never really expect it.  But recently, there have been things that have happened, both personally and nationally/globally, and although they are just my thoughts, I feel the need to share.

First, nationally, the tragedy in Las Vegas was just that, a tragedy.  Everyone across the globe is trying to make sense of it.  Sometimes, there is no sense.  Sometimes a crazy person is just a crazy person.  Sometimes evil is just evil.  This event has sparked stories of heroism from some of the victims and also reignited the "gun debate."

I have my own thoughts and feelings about these debates, but a shocking trend that I see is people taking half-truths or exceptions and making them the rule.  My perspective and opinion is to be informed, from both sides, before drawing a conclusion.  Reserve judgement until you have all the facts, or at least facts from more than one source.  When writing a research paper, in high school or in college, you always had more than one source to back your conclusion or argument.  Shouldn't that be all things, not just research papers?  Isn't it better to listen to both sides before passing judgement?  Isn't that what a court does?  Last time I checked, there were two sides in a court - the prosecution and the defense.  Both sides are heard, and then a verdict is reached. 

As for the natural disasters that have occurred, I feel terrible that so many have lost their homes, belongings, and even pets and loved ones.  Things can be replaced; people cannot. 

In my own life, nothing truly tragic has happened, and for that, I am truly grateful.  We have been blessed, although we have had our own set of trials.  No life is as golden as it seems.  There are many hard decisions for us to make, again, in some cases, and most are not pleasant.  Some may not see these as difficulties, but they are to us. 

I hope this season is filled with love and not hate for you.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Keeping up

I started back on my Iced, but got sidetracked as I am wont to do.  I decided to reknit my Weekend Wrap.  It was so loosely knit that it would catch on everything.  It was also so wide that it would almost drag the ground.  Not exactly what I was going for. 

This is the busy season for me, and I am sure for you as well.  Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season - from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's.  How busy are you?