Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In the world of knitting, I think I finished about another inch on the blanket last night. That's encouraging.

In other news (here's the big stuff), we're having a BOY! You know what that means!!!! Knitting boy stuff...tons and TONS of it! There's blankets (big and small), sweaters, hats, booties, and all kinds of stuff that this little bundle of boyhood is going to have. Any suggestions for the first item?!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend of Cleaning and Knitting...

Hopefully I can get some knitting done this weekend. I have about 2 inches of the center done for the baby blanket. I also have some cleaning and baking to do (early in the morning, since it's so hot) and hopefully I can get more than 2 more inches done. I can't believe it's taking me SOOOOO long to do this baby blanket. Of course, I haven't touched it in a few days. I've been too tired to do much of anything. I feel better though today. I'm going home and I'm going to do a few things (purging a few places around the house) before bed tonight. Hopefully that will open up the rest of the weekend for knitting. Saturday night is definitely going to be a knitting time. I love knitting while watching the British Sitcoms on public television on Saturday night. I'm excited, because according to the schedule online, they're bringing back 2 of my favorites, The Vicar of Dibley and Last of the Summer Wine. I love Dawn French. Her knitting book is awesome. =0)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tired Progress

I'm so tired. I keep trying to push just a little, but last night I gave up and went to bed at 8:30. I have about 2 inches of the pattern completed on the blanket. I also seriously need to start reviewing and memorizing the words for the opera I'm in. I'm supposed to be memorized by Labor Day weekend.

I have a sonogram on Monday, and I'm taking a half day off work. It's in the middle of the afternoon, and it seems like a better option than trying to cram a whole day into half, and getting all stressed out before a doctor's appointment.

I posted a few comments on some lists, and got a good idea. Instead of sweaters, I could make some shawls, since I may become hot-natured in the winter, and I can still wear the shawls after the baby's born. I just need to find my Vogue knitting book, and check out some stitches. I might see about borrowing my brother's Stitchionary, and creating my own. It's always cheaper when you make it up.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Slow knitting progress

I've completed about an inch or so on the baby blanket. I don't think it's going to get done for the shower, but I'll keep working on it, and maybe before she leaves on the 22nd of September it'll be done with the hat, sweater and booties. Keep your fingers crossed.

I saw a great sweater online at www.avenue.com in a lovely shade of green. It's a wool/acrylic blend, and it made me want to knit up a storm! It would actually be a great pregnancy sweater, since it's open in the front, like a jacket but without a tie. I don't know where the yarn would come from, but it might just show up sometime. I have lots of yarn to knit with, but new projects are so tempting!!!! I must get through the baby stuff first, and do all kinds of baby stuff for our little one on the way, and then I can look at new stuff. Once I know what we're having (boy or girl), there might be a little more motivation to knit for the little tyke. Right now, it's sort of an amorphous blob. I'd like to think we're having a boy, but there are times when I think we're having a girl. Either way, the child will be loved and wrapped constantly in handmade items, but I want to know!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another post?!

I know, crazy, isn't it?! A second post this week. Well, I'm in week 17 of pregnancy, and I have an ultrasound on the 21st for growth. I think my doctor was a little concerned because I lost 4 pounds in a month, for a net gain of 1 pound so far. I'm not trying to lose weight. I swear I'm not. I'm eating healthier for the baby, and more frequently, because I'm hungry. I'm also trying to unpack, so I'm a little more active on the weekends. I could also be a little dehydrated, since I know I haven't been drinking as much water as I should.

I finally have the bottom border completed on the blanket, and I completed the set-up row for the Hoover blanket. I'm going to use tomorrow to knit a lot on it, and hopefully it'll be done for the woman's shower at work on the 21st. Maybe, but don't hold your breath. The sofa has gotten extremely uncomfortable for long periods of time to me, and I don't have a comfy chair to sit in. If someone has a nice chair and sofa set in the Atlanta area they'd like to dispose of, please post a comment and I'll contact you! I've been trying to get a new sofa for a while, and haven't found one yet that's in our price range (free is about what we can afford).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Well, I did start on that baby blanket for a woman at work. It's about 2 inches so far, and she's due in late September! We moved though, and I'm working slowly but surely to get things settled.

Being pregnant takes a lot out of you, but other than being tired, I really can't complain too much! I'm currently at about 4 months, so I have some time to get the room ready for the baby to share with the craft stuff! =0) Actually, I just went to the doctor yesterday and I lost 4 pounds! That's good news to me, because I'm eating healthier, more frequently, and moving more, which means it's a good weight loss, and not going to hurt the baby. I'm also drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest.

Oh, and here's more good news! I auditioned for the Atlanta Opera Chorus and was accepted! I'm performing with them this fall in Carmina Burana! It's a lot of fun for me, and it works great with my schedule, since all the rehearsals are on nights on weekends. It isn't too stressful right now, since we meet about twice a week, but it's more activity and a good workout for all those lower ab muscles that will be used once it's time for the baby to arrive!

I still have a pair of socks to finish, and two sweaters to make for myself. I guess I should really get cracking on them, otherwise they won't be done in time. I first have to finish the blanket though. I'm trying to work it in with rehearsals, unpacking, and rest.