Thursday, August 20, 2015

I have lost my camera.

Okay, well, maybe not "lost."  Maybe just "misplaced."  My days are looking better, and I think I may have found more time to knit.  At least I think I have, although I don't think I am accomplishing any more than normal.  I am finding more time to read as well, so that's probably why things aren't going as fast in the knitting department as I think they should.

Homeschooling is turning out to be a great adventure.  I still wish I was more organized than I am, but things move along at a nice clip and we're making great progress.  The house is still in a bit of disarray, but by the time I'm done with schoolwork, the hubby is almost home, and dinner needs to be cooked, dishes need to be washed (did I mention we have no dishwasher here? Yeah - everything is HAND WASHED) and the evening chores need to be done.  I have tried to get hubby to help out, and from time to time he will, but life goes on, and unless time stands still for us, it's a matter of fitting it in.  I'm hoping to make a little progress on it this weekend, even with the insane schedule we have.

Oh, and here's fun - tomorrow we're headed down for our first field trip of the year!  We're going to the High Museum.  It should be lots of fun.  It's their kick-off homeschool day, and the kiddos are excited about using their lunchboxes.  Yep, I'm the cool homeschooling mom who got them traditional lunch boxes instead of just using a brown paper bag or cooler.  We have several field trips this semester with the co-op we're joining, and I plan on trying to fit in a couple more (like the Zoo and maybe the Aquarium).

I have only finished my socks, but I'm close to finishing Over the Sea to Skye.  Since I got a fingering weight yarn instead of a DK weight, I used a size US6 instead of the 7 it called for.  Also, I wasn't happy with the depth, so I'm adding another repeat of the lace mesh and garter section.  Then I'll see how much yarn I have left, and how tall it is.  I think it will be better then.

I've already started planning Christmas as well.  I have one request:

My brother requested the Baker Street Scarf from this past issue of Knitty.  How can you say no to someone who LOVES everything that you knit for them?  I also have some socks to do for him.  I'm hoping to get started on a quilt for my parents, and before I can do any of that, I have a birthday sweater to make for my Princess.  How are your knitting plans going?

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


I am trying to use Ravelry a bit more to remember things.  There are lovely patterns that I have forgotten, and now I have changed my queue to help me remember.  I should document my current projects a bit more, but I just haven't yet.  I plan on it.  I just finished these socks last night:

I will have to weave in the ends, and post a picture of the finished ones.  They are blue and purple tweed.  I can't even remember the yarn I used, but it was very nice.  Next up, a purchased pattern:

This is a new shawl called Over the Sea to Skye.  I purchased the pattern last night, and am currently working on it in a deep teal color, and then plan on working it again in a charcoal.  So far, the pattern is easy and lovely.  I'm actually working it in Nature Spun, which is a fingering weight, but the pattern calls for dk weight.  Am I changing anything else?  No, not this time.  Maybe when I do the grey, but I am checking to see how big this one turns out.  How about you?  What are you working on?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Forever and a day

It feels like it's been forever and a day since I last posted, and in some ways, it has been.  Since the last time I posted, I've packed up a house, quit my job, moved, unpacked some things, moved other things around, tried to settle into a routine, and started homeschooling my children.  I did start to go into withdrawal from knitting a bit, so I picked up a skein from a local shop with a set of needles, and got started on this pattern:

It's Monkey, by Cookie A.  Surprisingly, I have never knit them.  However, I'm in good company, from what I can see - the Yarn Harlot recently knit up a pair too.  So, it must be Monkey season.  Socks are great for the summer - small so it doesn't get hot while knitting them in your lap, portable in case you're traveling, and fast so you can take advantage of the daylight and getting stuff done.  I also stumbled across an old project, and since I still haven't set up everything yet and 90 percent of my crafting supplies are boxed up in various locations, I restarted it.  It's a lace project - another great summer project idea.  I started it 5 years ago or so...and it's just been sitting there, lonely.  Well, I busted it out, ripped it back since I had no idea where I was in the pattern, and started fresh.  I'm only 12 rows in, and it's about an inch.  Nothing really to brag about, but I do feel better now that I have 2 projects, instead of only one.  Also, I spent an obscene amount of time in a local store getting fabric tonight for a quilt.  I plan on doing this quilt truly in an old fashioned manner - completely by hand.  I'm going to do a simple pattern - as a matter of fact, it's just going to be large half-square triangles.  And I will cut the fabric, sew it, and quilt it all by hand.  I went to the local library yesterday and got our library cards (a necessity like a new driver's license and vehicle registration changes in my mind) and checked out this book:

I think I may have read it, or read part of it, before, but it's a fast read (I started it yesterday and am about halfway through) and enjoyable.  It's nothing heavy, no deep philosophy or intricate plot.  It's just a lovely little story with quilting as the main theme.  Silly to some, I'm sure, but it's a nice vacation type book, and being as it's summer, and I have 3 small children that demand my attention.  Sometimes simple is all I can handle.  So, how is your summer going?  Any new projects you've started, or old ones you've rediscovered?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Completely lost it

I have not knit in a few days.  I is crazy.  I carry it with me, in hopes that I will pick it up and knit just a bit.  I turned the heel on my second Charade, but I have not made much progress on the foot.  Maybe I need some wool fumes.  Maybe a trip to a yarn shop would help.  To be honest, I have been caught in a Netflix marathon of Gilmore Girls.  I did not watch it when it was on, so it is completely new to me.  I love the fast paced dialogue, as it reminds me of His Girl Friday.  That was a great movie - if you haven't seen it, I really do encourage it.  I did finish a dishcloth though.  I crocheted a simple one for myself, but ironically have not used it.  I have also been reading. I picked up A Game of Thrones the other day, and while I am not always a huge fantasy fan, this has been quite interesting.  I have just lost almost my will to knit.  I think it has to do with the packing.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New things

Well, another month has flown by, and I did not do nearly as much as I hoped.  I started a washcloth for myself:

And I am working on the second Charade sock.

I have been busy with a tea party for the Princess, cleaning a bit here and there, and packing.  Yes, packing.  We are moving next month, and although I would love to hoard a bunch of supplies, I have to be judicious in not only what I purchase, but also what I make.  Hopefully after the move, more craft time will be present.  How is your summer looking?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Busy as a bee

I have been busy, although not with a lot of crafting.  Here is my latest semi-finished objects:

I made a small flock of sheep.  I still have to embroider the faces on 4 of them, but they are otherwise complete.  I have not been idol; I have been trying to clean and pack.  We are moving soon, and preparations must be made.  I will link to the pattern that I based these on later.  I did not follow the pattern exactly, and when I link to it, I will tell you the modifications I made.  I am somewhat saving my crafting for the summer, after we move.  My job will change - I will no longer work full time outside the home.  I will be homeschooling my children and being their mom full time.  It will be a huge change, for me and them, but a good one I think.  I will try to post more often, even with small things.  There may be less knitting and crocheting, and more embroidery,  as I have at least one project that I would like to complete before we move.  Oh, and I got my sewing machine serviced, and returned to me!  This is very exciting, as I have several sewing projects lined up as well.  What are you working on?  Do you have big plans for the summer?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


I have startitis, or at least that is what I am telling myself.  I picked up this magazine this morning.

And now, I have this...

And this.

Spring is in the air, and instead of cleaning things out, I am starting new things.  I still have not finished my second sock, or my sheep.  I think I am gathering projects for the financial drought that I know it coming.  Very soon, I will not be able to buy project supplies freely.  I know this, and something in me is trying to gather like a squirrel.   I have more than enough to keep me busy, yet I insist on buying more.  In my defense,  it has been a while since I have bought things just for me.  I have been buying things for presents and not much else for a couple of years.  Maybe this is just the result of that.   Or it is a cruel April Fool's joke.