Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Knitting set aside

So, I honestly have not been knitting that much.  I have been working on this though.

I thought a sheep of my own would be fun.  And it will serve a dual purpose.  Are you ready?  Here is my announcement that I keep promising.  Hubby and I are starting a business.  It will be a yarn business.  We shot a video this past weekend and hubby is editing it.  I definitely need to work on my delivery, but in a month or so, we should have something.  I hope.  We have more major news coming, and as it does, I will keep you posted.  Want to see us so far?  Visit and then leave a comment here, to let me know what you think!  We still have some work to do, but we have started, and that is the first step.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A different kind of stitch

I have been working off and on on my sweater...more off than on lately.  The weather has warmed up, and I got distracted.

It is not as clear as I would like, nor is it very flat.  I found an adorable embroidery kit at a local quilt shop, and could not resist.  It was sheep!  I love it, and have been working on it diligently for 3 days.  I have not decided if it will become a pin cushion, a wall hanging, or something else.  But I love it.  Now, I will get back to my other sock and sweater.  I think I am ready for spring.  How about you?  I will share some of the other projects I have been working on this weekend!  And, get ready for a big announcement!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I have finished the first sock...

except for the toe.  I had cleverly put all my yarn needles together, so that I would not lose them.  Then, I lost them.  I just found them last night, so I can now kitchener the toe.  I question if I should get another set of needles - I stepped on one and broke it, so now I only have 4, instead of 5 US1.  I plan on getting another set, but the real question is if I should get it for the second sock, or just make do.  Thoughts?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I went a little too far

So much for measuring.  I tried to knit the sock by measurement only, and I needed the sock to end where I started the toe.  Oh is easier to rip back some days.  At least I did not cut the yarn and graft the toe already.  And this also means I am almost done with the first sock of the pair.  Yay!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Mardi Gras

So, I am almost done with the first Charade sock.

I am down to the toe.  I am still somewhat conflicted about these socks.  Don't get me wrong - I love them.  But the hands pun is fragile, and I am wondering if something else would be a better pattern for it.  Any thoughts?  Have you used hand spun before?  What did you make?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Truckin' Along

Well, I finally sewed on the buttons for Little Man's Lancelot.  Here's the happy recipient:

I finally finished the hat, mittens and cowl including blocking and sewing on buttons.  I just need to take pictures.  I was going to take them when it snowed, but I had to work from home and I barely bothered to get dressed, and I certainly wasn't presentable enough for a picture. I finished the Valentine's wreath and hung it at my desk:

I don't think I ever posted a picture of Princess in her birthday sweater, so here is one:

In typical Princess style, she has to pose for the camera.  This was last week, when we got snow.  We had a few days of bad weather - snow one morning, then the next evening that turned into rain and made nice icy patches.

I have started my sweater, as you know, and I've been working on my socks.  I'm doing the socks to carry to and from work with me - it's hard to carry an adult sized sweater around everywhere.  Socks are good travel buddies.  I hope to get the hat, cowl and mittens written up and published on Ravelry.  I'm noticing a trend - I have a hard time finding a pattern that I want, so I'm creating it.  This being the case, I'm going to start writing them up and publish them.  Some will be for free, like the bow I posted earlier this month, and some will be for sale.  The biggest issue will be the pictures, but I can and will get some help with that.  I plan on playing with my camera and maybe getting a remote soon.  Little things can sometimes help the most.  Oh, and I also finished a sweater for the Littlest Princess, complete with blocking and buttons!   I hope this trend continues for the rest of the year - lots of projects completed!  It makes for a wonderfully productive year, and also provides warmth to those I love.  Are you ready for March?  What projects do you have lined up?  Have you finished anything?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Less than expected

I went on vacation last week, and honestly, I knit less than I expected.  I did get one sleeve done and another one started.

Well, let me elaborate a bit first.  This is sleeve #2, but sleeve #1 is not completely finished.  I took 2 skeins with me, one for each sleeve, and it is taking more than one for each.  I did not finish the first, so that I could start the second with a full skein.  This is my own pattern, and so far, it fits.  I did a gauge swatch, and did the math, and started on the sleeves, just to try and make sure my gauge would work.  So far, so good.  I have more increases left, but I should be able to finish them this week.  I will walk you through all the steps on this one, because although there are a lot of "custom sweater" patterns out there, this one is bottom up, with set in sleeves.  I tried to find one on my own, but could not, so I dug out my pencil and paper and calculator,  and started working on it.  Would you like to join in?  I'll post the series, but for now, grab "a sweater's worth" of yarn, no matter what weight, and start your swatch.  Get your fabric right, and meet me back here.  We will go through it together.  Feel free to leave questions or comments as we go.