Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So many projects...

and just not enough time to post about them! I've corrected the baby cardi issue, and am still working on the closure issue with it. I finished the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket (all but buttons) and a matching hat, and I've been working on a Baby Sampler blanket. I wasn't happy with the crocheted edging and how it was sewing together, so I ripped it out. Now I have 35 squares waiting to be sewn together.

I'm also working on a shop sample for the fabulous LYS, The Whole Nine Yarns. If you haven't been, you should go. They are TERRIFIC there...Jenna (evil fiber pimp that she is), Debi (who is such a fantastic lady!), Caryn (always ready to laugh!) and the rest. They are wonderful. So now that I've waxed rhapsodonically about them, on to the shop sample. It's gorgeous...when the errors are fixed. I found through Ravelry there are several problems with the pattern. No worries...crochet is my second language. I can fix it...and will. If I get to teach a class, the errata will be included, and hopefully so will some other bonuses! :) Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh and watch for pictures VERY soon!