Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Slow growth

Well, this is like growing up when you're little; you know you're making progress, but it's just not as fast as you want.  We all want to grow 5 inches in overnight, and that's just not going to happen so we can ride the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags.  But I have made (slight) progress:

I finished one pattern repeat after the first decrease, so I only have 4 rows left until the second decrease.  It's not a huge change, but every row helps.

I tried to work on it last night, I really did!  But, and I should know better, a lace pattern and Knit Night just don't mix!  It is better to take a knitting/crochet project that doesn't need much supervision when you're sitting with a bunch of other knitters.  Talking seems to prevail concentration, and you hardly get anything done, unless it's something like stockinette.

I can't remember if I told you what I was using for this sweater.  So, here it goes, just in case I forgot (I'm prone to do that occasionally):  the pattern is the Crossover Lace Sweater from Juniper Moon Farms, and I'm using Findley in black.  The yarn is lovely.  I believe it's a 2-ply lace weight yarn, and it hardly ever splits - as a matter of fact, I don't think it has ever split on me.  I'm usually a little rough on yarns.  There's generally some pulling and tugging and tinking and even frogging that happens when I start a pattern.  Findley seems to hold up to my abuse pretty well.  It feels lovely too.  It's soft and silky, which is probably because it's silk and merino.  I could easily see this knit or crocheted up into lots of lovely things: baby items, sweaters, blankets, hats, gloves, you name it!  It is a wonderful yarn to work with, so if you're looking for a lovely lace weight, check out Findley.  They have beautiful colors, and I'm sure for fall they'll have gorgeous colorways.  I just checked out their website, and they have Findley Dappled: same great yarn, in some gorgeous colorways!  Please go check them out (no, I'm not paid for the ad, but they are a Made in the USA product, and we should support our neighbors).

In being slightly discouraged on the progress above, I have toyed with the idea of not finishing this sweater first before casting on.  I've been of two minds: should I finish the one half of the Koguchi shawl that just has the crocheted bind-off?  Or should I cast on for another sweater that would go faster?  Here's a picture of the shawl:

All I have to do is the crocheted bind-off, which you wouldn't think is that big of deal for me, right?  I mean, I'm fairly comfortable with crochet.  It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is to me.  I haven't done crochet from knitting straight like that (there is no bind off before jumping in to the crochet).  Am I just getting too scared of new things?  I mean, it IS just knitting and crochet, and if it doesn't come out right, I can always rip back and start again.  I think though, what scares me the most about it, is that it's on LACE.  I mean beautiful LACE.  If I screw it up, then the whole panel could go *poof* in an instant.  I think I'll insert a lifeline first.  Maybe that will calm my fears.  Oh, that would be a great new sign: Keep Calm and Insert a Lifeline.  LOL!  This is the other sweater I've been wanting to cast on:

Yep, it's Little Man's sweater.  I did the math yesterday, and I think I have it so it won't be gigantic on him for 3 years. :)  If it is, no worries: we'll roll up the sleeves and he can grow into it.  Fortunately, in being a lovely shade of blue, and a size 6 (hopefully, if my math is right), his baby sister can wear it when she's his age too.  Of course at the rate Princess is growing, she might wear it sooner!  What have you cast on recently?  Anything new?  Or are you just working on your current WIPs?

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