Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally finished by the deadline

Well, I completed the 2 patterns for Christmas in July.  Wanna sneak peek?

There's one.  It should look lovely.  It turned out really well.  Can you tell what it is?  It's a lovely crocheted shawl.  Here's the next one:

This one is harder to tell from the picture, but it's a headband.  I created two crochet patterns for Christmas in July.  I have a feeling they'll be some of the few, but crochet is growing.  The sweater for the summer knit along has to wait a little longer.  There's a repair that has to be made.  I'll post a quick picture that one later.  I've been so busy with finishing school that I hadn't had time to work on it, but now I promised it would be at the shop tomorrow, so I need to finish it.  If you get the chance, stop by The Whole Nine Yarns next weekend and check out Christmas in July - only $5 and so many free patterns!

What are your plans this weekend?  Anything fun?

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