Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day everyone!  Minor history lesson for you: this day was when independence from Great Britain was declared.  However, it was actually July 2nd , when the Continental Congress actually voted on the declaration, penned by Richard Lee.  It took 2 days for the Congress to debate over the issue and revise the wording - proving from the beginning that nothing in Congress was easy. I do think that 2 days is significantly faster than how our Congress operates - perhaps they could learn a lesson from those who debated the most significant issue ever faced.  It makes the current problems seem petty in comparison, doesn't it?  Be thankful for those who originally penned the act of freedom, and those who have defended it over the years.  Tonight, we're setting off fireworks

 and fixing S'mores.  We won't have a campfire, and although we could use a tea light candle for the roasting of the marshmallows, we're taking the easy route and doing them in the microwave.

We have to wait until it's dark, which means around 9 p.m. here before we can set them off.  We found out that in Georgia, it's illegal to sell any fireworks that shoot up over 6 feet.  Which means our display will be WAY less than the one in the picture.  But, it should be fun.  We have a bag of old ones that my brother and I bought YEARS ago, which makes them about 50 years old (not really, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime ago).  These were ones we bought across the border in South Carolina or Tennessee or Alabama or somewhere that doesn't have such silly limitations on the height of fireworks.  Little Man is excited because this is the first year he'll be outside to set them off.  I hope the old ones work, but we got a few extras in case they don't.  The bad thing about the old ones is even if they do go off, most of them are the ones my brother liked, which means they just make loud bangs, no pretty colors.  He liked to make things explode (typical boy) instead of pretty colors (typical girl - me).  We'll put Princess down and go outside to have some fun, provided it's not raining.  It's threatening to do so now, with the dark clouds and the thunder and such.  We'll try it anyway, and if we don't get to do it tonight, we can always try Friday night.  Everyone likes some fireworks.

Here's another little interesting fact for you: I learned this week from a lady at work that in Ohio, during November, which is raining most of the time, they have something called November Rain (song title anyone?!).  During this celebration, they set off fireworks in November, kind of like we do in July, but it helps break up the monotony of the raining season for them.  I thought it would be great to add fireworks to all our birthday celebrations.  What do you think?  Would you do that for your kids?  Hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July, even if you're not in the U.S.A.

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