Monday, July 16, 2012


Math seems to be a dirty word sometimes.  Math is not bad.  Math helps in everyday life.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are necessary.  I'm not talking about derivatives, calculus or geometry.  I happen to like geometry, but could do without the rest.  And just in case you're wondering, no, being good at geometry does NOT mean you are good at pool.  I'm terrible at pool, but wonderful at geometry.  I think physics would have helped me more at pool than geometry.  In any case, math can definitely be your friend when knitting.  For example, gauge is all about math.

Gauge is what makes sure a sweater fits.  It's what makes sure all your clothes fit, to be honest.  It's a good thing we have math, and gauge, otherwise we'd never make anything to fit ourselves and have to give everything away to someone with 10 foot arms and a 20 inch chest.

I am about to endeavor the math for Little Man's sweater.  I have my gauge swatch, and a "fill-in-the-blanks" pattern for a top down raglan in multiple sizes.  It even comes with a chart for sizes, including his.  So, despite the fact that I'm still participating in this:

I feel the need to feel like I'm getting something done.  I have the distinct feeling I chose the wrong sweater to start.  I feel horribly behind, and now I'm at a slight hurdle, because I have to decrease on the sides for some waist shaping, while keeping the lace pattern going.  Part of me says "go grab some other yarn and cast on for a top down simple raglan so you can see some really fast progress."  Another part of me says "hang in there, you're already at the decreases, and you've worked out which rows they're on; just a little more and you'll whiz through the rest."  It does actually help that I'm getting up early to work on it.  I get up, eat breakfast and work on the knitting.  It's a nice quiet time of the day.  It guarantees that I make a little progress.  It gives me some peace to start my day.  It's like a meditation, just without the words repeating over and over in my head.  Instead, my hands repeat a rhythm.  There's an interesting connection - music and knitting.  Another interesting connection is knitting and religion, but that's for a whole different post.  So, how do you fit in your knitting every day?  Do you make an appointment with yourself, or do you just steal moments here and there?

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