Friday, July 27, 2012


I spent most of today in bed.  I'm not sick; I'm just relaxing.  Hubby and I have been spending some quality time together, and we've just been hanging out.  I finished sewing the bottom on the Playful Stripes, and am working on the button bands.  I finished one, and am working on the other.  Sorry I haven't taken pictures, but I've been lazy.  I thought I'd give you a few more pictures though from the alpaca farm, because, let's face it, those animals are just so darned cute.  I promise to take some pictures tomorrow, and maybe I'll get something accomplished on the Crossover Lace Sweater math as well.  Here are a couple of more pictures of the girls:

This one is a male; his name is Celebrate (I could be wrong - there were so many, it's hard to remember all their names).  He was in a pen by himself, because he was old enough to try to assert dominance over the others males (read: start a fight to be the alpha male).

Here's a couple more shots of some of the males.  This one had just gotten angry and was spitting at another male.  Although they do spit, it's usually at each other and someone human gets caught in the crossfire.  Moral of the story: if there are males fighting, don't get close unless you want to get hit with alpaca spit (kinda gross).

I can't remember if this one was Emmanuel, or Chavez.  It's one of the two.  He was sweet though.  Most of the males weren't as friendly as the females, but they were very placid and docile.  They just didn't walk up to you and sniff you.

They may look like they're brown, but most of them are actually an off-white/natural color.  They have lovely Georgia red clay on them, from where they've been rolling around in the dirt.

The farm was very lovely, and surprising clean.  Adonai's Alpaca Farm makes sure the fields are kept cleaned (they remove manure twice a day) and the alpacas are fed and watered frequently.  They have fans that run in the shelters for the heat, and they even hose them down on their legs and bellies during the summer.  If you hose the alpacas off on top, it just creates steam and makes them hotter.  These are such wonderful creatures and I look forward to seeing some yarn and fleece!

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