Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy, busy.

I am working on the Sheldon, and it's coming along nicely. I keep thinking about making a sweater for my son, and I might crochet one, since I did find a nice pattern in a book I checked out from the library. There weren't many selections for knitting books there, but then it was a small branch, but the closest one to home. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some pictures of what I've worked on this weekend. It's been a nice relaxing one and I'm thrilled that we got to see Diana Gabaldon. Live. In person. No, really. We did. I should have pictures of that soon as well. She signed our hardbacks, and we're looking forward to her seventh and eighth (yes, there is to be an eighth in the series) books. Not to mention the graphic novel, Master Raymond, and Lord John stories that will hopefully flow from her brain onto paper. I don't know that she could turn them out fast enough. If she had one book published each year, I don't think it would be enough. However, half the fun is anticipation. :)

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