Monday, October 09, 2006

Organizational process

Organization always seems to be a process...never quite finished. It's like perfectionism - no matter how hard you strive for it, you always fall short, and there's always just a little more to reach that goal. Unlike perfectionism, I don't plan on driving myself or anyone else crazy. I think the nesting instinct is kicking in for me, and I'm ready to get everything done. THis next week, I'm hoping to be able to set up my craft space. That promises to be fun. If I can get a place for things, then I can slowly work on organizing the minor stuff, like patterns. There are boxes upon boxes of patterns. There are books, magazines, and lots of paper hanging about. The yarn will hopefully have its own home, and not be all over the place.

I decided to frog the Jaywalker I had almost completed. Now I have a lovely ball of Magic Stripes waiting to be re-knit. I have completed about 6 inches of the baby blanket. Just 27 inches left, right?! Then it's time to hit my baby's stuff. I have a little pocket money now from the opera I finished, and that's going to be invested in some lovely yarn for my baby. Hopefully I will find the rechargable batteries for the digital camera, and I'll be able to upload some pictures. There's so much to knit, and organize. Maybe I can teach my feet to knit and my hands to organize, or vice versa.

A new item that I think should be added to baby registeries - a computer. I would love to get a new one for all the pictures that will be taken (and trust me, this child will think they get more press space than any celebrity in this world). It's just a matter of time. If everything works out, maybe next year I can afford to get a decent one with all the right software.

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Julie said...

We put a steam-cleaner on our baby registry. Everyone thought we were kidding.

Still need to get one..

And remember the Erma Bombeck quote: Cleaning the house before the children are grown is like shoveling the drive before it's done snowing.