Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wasting Time

I had rehearsal last night for the opera, and the sucky part was that I was stuck there for at least an hour before I had to go on. The good news was it gave me knitting time. I found several others that knit in the production as well, so I was in good company. Even some of the children knit! One girl had a knitting loom that she was making a sweater on, and two others had straight needles. One of the women had just purchased some yarn for a shawl/wrap out of mostly novelty yarn, and needed some help getting it started, since she had to use a circular needle, and she's never used one before. I whipped out my Jaywalker socks, and started on them. Apparently, I'm the most experienced one in the group. No one else has attempted socks, or even gone beyond a scarf. Maybe I can encourage them to branch out and try something least something beyond a simple garter stitch! There's even a little girl who wants to learn, and wants us to teach her. I'm all about the teaching. I'm taking the Hoover blanket with me next time, and hopefully I can make some real progress on that. I have to rearrange the bag I'm taking, but it should be all good.

All the knitting around me makes me want to start a new project. I'm trying to decide what to start once I finish the socks and the blanket. I still have a sweater, hat and booties to make for the woman at work. I guess I should start those afterward. I'm hoping to have it all completed by the time she gets back (in about a month or so).

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