Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleeves, sleeves, and sleeves again

I am having the hardest time with finishing the cardigan. For some weird reason, I can't get happy with the sleeves. I started and was actually through with one, and when I looked at the seam in the sleeve, I didn't like it, so out it went. I know I'm not keeping it, but if I'm not happy with it and I think it looks sloppy, I'm not giving it away. So, I took out the whole thing (it was one long piece of yarn to sew it together and on with), and then I seamed it terrifically. The seam now looks great. The problem? Now I can't figure which sides to put together to put the arm in the cardigan! I started putting it in backwards (wrong side facing right side I think) and it all just went downhill from there. I couldn't figure it out. Perhaps I'll have better luck at lunch today. I think I was tired and not focusing enough (trying to watch Ghost Hunters and then Lost...not a time to think about knitting). Hopefully, today will be better.

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