Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So Close...

I'm so close to finishing the cardigan. I finished the sleeves and sewed up the shoulders last night. I would have started the collar, except I couldn't figure out how to evenly space all the stitches. I think I finally figured out how to space the stitches on the cardigan, using Excel this morning at work. I'll try it at lunch (which I'm about to go to...I get hungry often being pregnant). As much of an old-fashioned person as I like to think I am, sometimes you just can't beat technology.

I also searched for the digital camera. I found the charger for the batteries, but now I can't find the camera. It's around there somewhere. I'm 98% sure it's in the bedroom, which I'll be working on a little bit tonight. I've decided that I can do 15-20 minutes worth of cleaning every night, and hopefully in 3 months, before the baby arrives, just about everything will have a place. Hopefully I can find the camera tonight and get the batteries charged, and take some pictures of stuff. Hopefully.

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