Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby cardigan and found projects!

I went box diving (sort of like dumpster diving, but it's in the boxes that are still in the baby's room unpacked) the other day, and ran across a few things. I found some older projects that I hadn't finished (big surprise there...I'm always starting things and not finishing them). I found a cotton blanket I had started in a neat pattern I picked up from someone in crochet, but I haven't bought any more of it, and I'm 3 skeins in to the blanket. I'm thinking if I frog it, I can reuse it for a cardigan and hat for my little one. It's in Bernat Cotton Tots Sweet Dreams, which is a nice multi-pastel colorway. I might just knit it up in a Stockinette Stitch sweater for the little one and we can layer with it in the spring.

I worked on the cardigan for my friend all weekend, and I'm almost done with the sleeves. I decided to try and take a "short-cut" by doing both sleeves at once. I'm on the last few rows, and can probably finish that up tonight. Then there's just the sewing together, collar, and blocking to do. There will be lots left over from the GIANT ball of yarn I'm using for it (Lion Brand Pound of Love) and I might recycle some of it before my own gets here. It would prevent me from having to go out and get something. It's also easy to take care of (one of the benefits of what some refer to as the "inferior" type - mostly acrylic). I go for ease of washing. If I have to specially wash it in Woolite or hang everything to dry, I'm less likely to use it. I still haven't worked on that blanket. It looks sadly at me when I pick up the sweater, and I promise myself that once I'm done with the cardi, I'll pick it back up. Although the matching hat and the booties won't take long to make, I'm thinking I might need a break in it later.

I also never dry clean anything. I have an aversion to dry cleaners. When I was little (probalby about 6-7 years old), I had a lovely red velvet dress my mother had made for me for Christmas one year. It was had a lovely sash and pretty collar with lace trim. Well, wearing it on Sundays only helped keep it semi-clean, until we used glue in Sunday School. Being the semi-klutz I am, I got some Elmer's glue on the sleeve. Mom assured me that the dry cleaners could get it out. So off we went on Monday to put it in. When we got the dress back, not only had they NOT gotten the glue out, but there was a HUGE black stain on it. Yep, the dry cleaners had gotten grease on the dress. I was devastated and furious. That one experience so many years ago has tainted my view of cleaners so badly I absolutely refuse to go to one. Ever. No matter what. I wash it in Woolite and hang it to dry. I'll use an iron with a old hanky over the top/pants/skirt/whatever to get out the wrinkles. I'm now forever marked and paranoid about cleaners.

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