Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Waiting on Wal-Mart

I'm waiting on Wal-Mart for my pictures. Their one hour photo isn't exactly one hour...more like 4 hours. There was also a roll I had to send off, so I'm waiting to get it back as well. The elephant for my friend's lovely son is almost done...he just needs a trunk. There will be pictures.

Oh, good news! First, our building doesn't have to re-piped after all. That means no moving the whole apartment upside down for 3 days. Second, hubby's power supply finally arrived. Here's a side note: DON'T use UPS to send packages. They suck. Long story short- hubby had to go to the distribution center to get it and waited for 2 hours. They never came by our place. Hopefully, pictures can go up at home instead of work now. I haven't ordered a new computer yet. I should, but I'm waiting. On what, I'm not sure, other than money.

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