Friday, January 27, 2006

Another week down...

Man! What a week. I went from being not busy at all to pretty busy at work, and here I am at not very busy at all again. I found out Tuesday night, after I posted, that a friend of mine was induced yesterday (Thursday). You know what that means! Socks go on the back burner, and baby stuff comes to the front! I'm working on an adorable elephant for her son, and he'll get a sweater and afghan like his sister did too. I have to get the yarn for his afghan, but I have the yarn for everything else. I usually crochet baby items for friends, and knit for myself and family. I don't know that I've ever knit anything for anyone else. Wait...I have...Cigar gloves for my brother and an afghan for my grandmother. Whatever I make I usually do give away to family or friends. I have found that it's rare a friend who truly appreciates the handmade items a crafter can provide. They're not usually that expensive (depending on the yarn of course) and they take more time than anything. People don't appreciate time like they used to. If it doesn't come from a store, they don't really understand it.

Someone asked about the $250 computer...try It's good to know people in the IT world who shop frequently for new stuff, or refurbished stuff.

I have pictures to take to Wal-Mart this weekend...maybe I'll be able to post some of them!

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