Friday, February 03, 2006

Heel trouble

Argh...I had problems with the heel on the second sock, but I think I got it fixed. The biggest problem was there was an extra stitch! I was able to figure out that it came from the needle at the last stitch getting caught on the one below it, so there were two stitches from the same column of stitches. I hate it when that happens. In any case, I'm hoping to have good knitting time this weekend, since we're headed to visit my in-laws. There's not much to do up there, except read and knit.

Here's funny for hubby has just finished the catalog of our books...and this weekend, his mom is giving us more. We're also probably going to spend some time with a friend of his.

I still have to get the pictures from Wal-Mart, and take pictures of the cute elephant. The second needs pictures too. Hopefully I can take all the necessary pictures this weekend, and if we get home in time, I can post them on Sunday. We should be back in time...we have to be home for the Superbowl. That is more good knitting time. =0)

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