Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sock Issues

I thought I was almost done with sock number 1, only to discover after a stitch count that I hadn't decreased enough. Perfectionism set in (it is after all my first pair...they should be good, especially since they're one of the few projects for myself) and I took out about 4 inches worth! I did read my pattern and realized where I went wrong, and got ahead of myself. I had about 6 stitches too many, and I can fix that in another 6 rows. Maybe I'll finish this sock and the next one before March, but I wouldn't count on it. I do'nt know why it seems that I'm so slow with these. The Cigar gloves I knit for my brother seemed to go faster. Of course, I also worked longer on them in a sitting I think. I did spend a good bit of time knitting on the sock on Saturday. I think I'm going to sit down and read a little tonight, and then get cracking on the sock. I'm reading one of my Christmas gifts:

I love his work. I also received Son of a Witch, by Gregory Maguire. I need to finish Wicked before starting that though. I'm massively behind where I'd like to be in reading and in knitting, but I'll catch up. My goal this year is to finish stuff I've started. If I can just finish things (like a sock and a book) then I'll make progress and be moving forward. I guess that's really my move forward. I could say I'd like to lose weight, knit more, read more, blog more, but what it really all comes down to is moving forward.

I'm already moving forward by finishing this book (a week or so ago):

I love the series Outlander. There are lots of books to read at home, and being a bibliophile means there will always be another purchase. Of course, since my hubby is a bibliophile as well, we have a HUGE library. And it continues to grow. Hubby was working on the card catalog (not through the Dewey Decimal system, just by author) and it has expanded to three boxes, and it looks like we need another one.

I taught my brother to knit late last year (in October I think) and he's doing well. He's bought some really nice yarn (much nicer than what's in my stash) and some really nice knitting accessories, like this. It must be nice...but I have a hubby to support. In any case, he wants to start on some sweaters and socks this year, one of which being a cardigan from My Fair Lady. In case you haven't seen the movie (what's wrong with you?!), rent it and it's the cardigan Higgins wears after Eliza leaves. It's a camel color, and there's no band at the bottom. My brother has specifically bought the movie for this deconstruct the sweater and replicate it with my help. Being the wonderful brother that he is, and having few financial responsibilities, he paid for my attendance to a class in March with...Annie Modesitt! It's very exciting, since I made the Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style that was designed by her.

More good computer is now connected to the internet at home! Woot! Maybe I can find a port on the back and connect my digital camera up, and then take pictures! That would definitely be exciting. Now, where did I put that camera?

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Rebecca said...

Oh the stories I could tell you about my first socks! Let's just say that the second one has a totally different color foot due to a shortage of yarn. I didn't know you needed two skeins. So sad!