Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tomorrow and beyond

It's Sunday, and tomorrow starts another week.

Have you seen this?  It's the 4th Annual blog week.  Come join the fun!  I decided to join in - there's a topic for each day, and a wild card, so if you can't or don't want to do one of the topics, you can substitute.  It sounds like fun - don't you think?  Eskimimi Makes is sponsoring it, or heading it up, and it's just for fun.

I really want to get crafting full-time, but there's just not enough hours in the day.  I run through cycles, and I know that, but right now, it's one of those times when I want to do nothing but craft.  I've even had some inspiration for Christmas in July at The Whole Nine Yarns.  Believe it or not, I managed to pull out 4 ideas for it.  I guess that shows me that if I think long enough about anything, I can create something.

I'm thinking about the ultimate knitting bag and accessory pouches.  I saw great knitting bags at Stitches, and there is some great fabric at Sew Main Street.  I need to work on some dimensions, and then the yardage and trim.  Then, I'm heading over to Sew Main Street, and getting it.  Hopefully, I can clear off the table enough to cut out the bag(s) and sew them up.  Just one more thing to do...more for blog week tomorrow! :)

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