Monday, April 22, 2013


I’m supposed to choose which house to belong to – so here I go.  We have 4 choices: bee, manatee, monkey, and peacock.  

So, I’ll don my sorting hat (the only knitted hat I have) and see to what house I belong.  Based on the characteristics provided, broad as they are, I’d say I’m a Monkey.  No, really – the house of the Monkey.  I pick this one for multiple reasons.  First, I love to try new things.  Something interesting always catches my eye, and I love learning something new.  Second, according to the Chinese Zodiac, I was born in the year of the Monkey.  I found this here, which is more descriptive than I usually find:


Occupying the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Forever playful, Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes. Even though their intentions are always good, this desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and hurt feelings.

Although they are inherently intellectual and creative, Monkeys at times have trouble exhibiting these qualities. When that happens, they appear to others to be confused. But nothing could be further from the truth as Monkeys thrive on being challenged. Monkeys prefer urban life to rural, and their favorite pastime is people-watching.


Believing that being sick is a waste of a valuable day, Monkeys very rarely feel ill. Their constantly active lifestyles are likely what helps Monkeys remain in good health. When Monkeys do become ill, such feelings are generally the result of feeling nervous.


When it comes to work, Monkeys can do just about anything. They adapt well to changing environments and they’re very intelligent. They work quickly, but they’ll frequently charge double for their services. Good career fields for Monkeys are accounting and banking. Other good careers for Monkeys include: scientist, engineer, stock market trader, air traffic controller, dealer, film director, jeweler and sales representative.


When it comes to relationships, Monkeys aren’t quick to settle down. In fact, they generally are promiscuous; a tendency that probably has to do with the fact that Monkeys are easily bored. Monkeys will end this type of behavior once they pair up with the perfect partner. In fact, more often than not, they’ll commit to that person in every way for life.

Monkeys and the 5 elements

Metal Monkey – Years 1920 and 1980
Metal Monkeys are determined and ambitious individuals and as a result, they’re often successful. Although they’re considered warm-hearted and very likeable, their preference in life is to be alone. Metal Monkeys are loyal to both their employers and their partners.

It’s funny that I am a Metal Monkey – because our license plate says “METLHED.”  We’re huge heavy metal music fans at our house, and that’s just funny.  The only things that don’t hold true to me is the “more urban than rural” – can I have farm please? – and the promiscuity issue.  I never really have been, although, to be fair, I never had that many “boyfriends” either.  I dated, usually different guys, never really taking any of them seriously…okay, so maybe that part isn’t that far off.  I am easily bored, and I do rarely feel ill.  Nerves have a lot to do with me feeling sick most of the time.  This is also humorous to me because of the career aspect.  Apparently, accounting is a good field for a monkey.  So is engineering, which my dad always said I should do.  Sales are not really my strong point, but in owning my own business, I’m getting better.  I do have a problem with staying on one project, which is why this year I’m trying to finish UFOs and WIPs.  The difference I think is how long they’ve been sitting.  WIPs are recent, while UFOs are older.  How old…depends on you.  For me, it can’t go back any more than 9 years, and I don’t think I have anything older than 3.  I have the materials to make things from about 8 years ago, but I never started them, so they don’t count.  If you don’t cast on, they don’t count.  In my defense, I started with what I could get at big box stores, and since then, have worked up to lovely yarns that are natural and don’t squeak.  I don’t generally have a problem with squeaky yarn, but I know others that have.  Yet I digress.  Again.  I chose the Monkey because I always find myself creating something and rarely working a pattern as written.  I make it mine in some form or fashion.  I try to learn something new, even if it’s just reading a pattern correctly.  A new stitch is nice, or a new technique.  There’s always something to learn, and I usually try something because I like the way it looks, and it inevitably teaches me something.  So, how about you?  If you had to pick one of the four houses, which one would it be?  

In knitting news, I'm trying to finish up my Koguchi Wrap from 2 years ago (one of those WIP/UFOs that are lying around) and I'm close to finishing.  I have one more repeat of the 4th lace chart on the last side, and the bind off.  It's 12 rows and a bind off.  I hope to finish it by the weekend.  I'm also chugging along on the test knit (maybe a teaser picture soon - is that the prankster side of the Monkey showing itself?) and I haven't worked any on the Christmas sock I showed before.  I wasn't too sure about it, but after a couple of people telling me they really liked it, I'm going to keep going and see how it turns out.  If I don't care for it by the time I hit the heel flap, I'm frog it and start over.  I think it's okay, but I was hoping the pattern to be more prominent and the yarn to be a little quieter.  Again, we'll see how it looks when I get down to the heel flap.  It's hard to tell sometimes.  

I'm also slowly but surely making progress around the house.  I bought paint yesterday for Little Man's and Princess' rooms, but there's a lot to do before painting.  Her room still has to be cleared out, although the ceiling has to be finished first, and his room definitely has to be cleaned.  There's a lot going on, and little by little, we're moving forward.  It's spring now, and the days are nicer and a little longer, and we all have a little more energy.  How about you?  Are you starting any spring cleaning or major projects?

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