Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's cloudy and overcast today...and I'm tired.  Market at Stitches South was great - hubby bought me more yarn!  One is a cone of lace weight and one is a skein of sock yarn (for him).  It was really great to go back and really look at what was there.  I'm sure some of the classes were awesome, and maybe in the next year or so I can take some.  SAFF is the next big thing on my radar.  We've already planned to go to that.  Hubby is actually interested in a lot of this stuff - he's not just being nice.  I swatched last night for my test knit, but I can't seem to measure it correctly.  I already started on the actual pattern.  I keep measuring my swatch, which I did wash and block prior to measuring and starting the cardigan.  Miss Babs is wonderful.  The yarn is soft and the color is fantastic.  I can see why people love her yarn.

Now, I'm sleepy and am going to take a nap.  That's what rainy afternoons are good for - that or knitting.

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