Friday, August 31, 2012

Trying to be good

I'm really trying to be good.  Honest, I am.  But have you seen this?

This is new, from Luvinthemommyhood, on the KnitPicks site.   It's the Mallory Cowl, and it's yummy.  I'm thinking everyone needs a cowl for Christmas now.  I definitely need one.  Can you make your own Christmas gift?

I'm working on finishing my sweater, but I still want to knock out a couple of these Owl Cozies for Christmas.  Yes, more knitted gifts.  They're easy, and I already have the perfect yarn for them, and I really want to cast on but...

this sweater keeps calling my name too.  So I'm trying to be REALLY, REALLY good, and not cast on until I'm done.  I'm close - I'm down the body, working on the increases, soon to be on the 1x1 ribbing.  Then, it's on to the sleeves.  I hope to be done in a week or two (more likely two) and if I'm REALLY good, I might be able to knock out the Owls Sweater too before the Knit-a-long ends.  I can at least start it, and maybe finish it up in October.  What a perfect October sweater!  I'm also going to try and get at least 3 of the owl cozies made for October as well.  What fun is a gift, if you don't get to try it out yourself?  I'm also thinking I should go ahead and make the Mallory Cowl for me, because if I don't knit me one, who else will?  Would you wrap it and put it under the tree?  Would that be too cheesy?

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