Sunday, August 12, 2012

I still got it...

At least in the kitchen.  Check out what I did yesterday morning:

Those are yummy blueberry scones, with blueberries from our front yard.  Yep - homegrown yumminess.

Apparently, the time I spent at Starbucks wasn't wasted - I made a terrific latte for myself as well.  Some things come back to you like riding a bicycle.  Which reminds me, I'd love to have a girly bicycle - one with a basket and no gears...but I digress.

Knitting has not been quite so lucky for me.  I went to seam up the sleeves on the Playful Stripes cardigan, and found issues.  Like a dropped stitch.  Here I am, thinking all I need to do is just seam it up, and instead, I find severe problems.  It also wouldn't seam properly, so I think I need to take out the yoke, re-knit the sleeves, and then try again.

Fortunately, Big Blue is working up nicely, and I don't think I'll run out of yarn (one of the big fears).  I have about another inch on the body before the ribbing, and then I can hit the sleeves.

The Crossover Lace Sweater isn't going so well for me either.  I'm thinking of putting it on the back burner and starting back with Pink.  I've also been thinking about starting a Yoked Cardigan or two.  I have adorable buttons, and it would be SO easy to use them on one of those cute sweaters.  I have some others waiting in the wings as well, like the Elemental Pullover and another one that hasn't yet decided what it wants to be.  And then there's the Owls sweater I'd love to start, even though I know I don't have enough yarn (yet - it's on order).  So many sweaters, so little time.

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