Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mutant Enemy

So, here's the latest on Pink:

I'm really not loving this.  The sleeve is too big, even though I've decreased.  The ribbing on the bottom so is not working for me either.  It's really loose.  The neckline is still not exactly what I'm looking for, so...I think it's time for this one to head to the frog pond.  I still really love the color, and Spud & Chloe yarn is really nice.  I do have to confess that the cotton element can hurt a little, so you have to watch it.  For now, here are a couple of other items:

These were me playing with the timer, and they're not my favorite, but better pictures take time.  I'm still working out all the ins and outs of my camera, but these will do.  These are Christmas gifts - the top one goes to my mother-in-law.  The bottom one is for my mother.  Cowls rock.

Now, back to Pink.  Here's what I'm thinking to do with it instead:



Plain and Simple Pullover


These are my top 4 choices.  Quite honestly, I'm leaning toward Skelf.  I want something more interesting than plain stockinette, but nothing too difficult either.  I'd like to break out of a plain something, have a bit of a pattern, but I want it to be a "go-to" sweater as well.  I could see pairing it with jeans or slacks, or a skirt.  Any suggestions?  Any votes?  Anyone else have issues with sweaters?  Please leave a comment! :)  No crickets...the summer is ending, and I need a sweater for fall!

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Victoria Peat said...

Oh no, all that work. I hate frogging, but there is no point going on if you're not happy with it.

I really love the plain and simple pullover. I went to add it to my favourites, only to find that it's already there!