Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I know I've complained a lot about Pink, and most of it has been my fault.  Reading the pattern is a critical step in knitting, and it's one to which I should have paid more attention.  That being said:

Yet another horrid self portrait, yet you can see that I'm down to the waist shaping and I'm out of my pajamas (always beneficial).  When I can find my tripod, the self pictures will get better, I promise.  But wait - there's more!

I actually finished the Big Blue sweater!  Little Man was excited.  I still have yet to weave in ends, and add the stars, but the knitting is done.  It's big on him as anticipated, so he can wear it for a couple of years.  He did tell me it was itchy, but that's because I haven't washed and blocked it yet.  I don't know how much actual blocking the sweater needs, but I will wash it to remove any excess dye and hopefully make the fibers soften and bloom a little.  It's just Ella Rae Classic, a sturdy wool, so "bloom" is relative.  He seemed pleased with it, and that's all a mother could ask.

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