Thursday, August 02, 2012


I'm still stuck at the same place for my sweater for the KAL, but I've been distracted.  It's an old one, but:

It's the Owls sweater by Kate Davies.  It's lovely as is, but a wonderful lady named Maritza at my LYS had knit one up, raved about the ease and speed, and now I want to cast on too.  I think I may have enough yarn left over from this to do it:

That is my lovely, wonderful sister-in-law in her Ice Skating Cape I made her for Christmas last year. It was in Cascade Eco Wool, and it called for 2-3 skeins, and I just got into the second skein, so I might have enough left (I have to weight it and do some math, which apparently is not my strong point, but I'm working on it).

I also saw this:

It's the Owl Coffee Cup Cozy, and I think I have just the right yarn for this - leftover Fresco in that lovely grey shade.  I did a summer shawl KAL with it, and still have a good bit left.  I'm thinking it might be a fun bonus gift for some people for Christmas.  I am almost done with the neckline for the blue sweater for Little Man, and then I can knit like the wind!  LOL!  A plain stockinette stitch sweater may be boring to some, but it's great TV knitting, or knit night knitting!  And it goes quickly.  That means - easy finish.  Hopefully.  If my math is right.

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