Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Problem With Pink

I learned to knit eight years ago.  I taught myself, and I'm pretty adept at it.  I won't say I'm the fastest, or best, or brightest, but I have figured a few things out about knitting and the kind of fabric it makes and how to manipulate the creation of that fabric.  That being said, why am I having such issues with this one, basic, simple top down raglan pattern?  See this?

 This got ripped back yesterday.  I tried it on (please forgive the horrible bedhead and pj's - it was REALLY early) and found it didn't fit quite right.

And do you know why?  Because in my 8 years of knitting, with a simple pattern, I have forgotten how to follow instructions.  The good news is:

I've not only knit back what I had to rip out, but I've surpassed it.  While I'm knitting the rest of the body, no matter how plain I THINK it is, no matter how simple, I'm watching and reading and re-reading the pattern until it's done.  My stitch count is off a little, as is my row count, but that's mainly because I changed the neckline.  I apparently am never quite happy with how a pattern is written, at least for big projects.  I'll follow a pattern religiously for mitts, hats, scarves, lace...but give me a sweater that's supposed to be plain Jane simple and easy, and I'll screw it up every time.

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