Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Peace, Be Still

I've been having the trouble the past couple of days of not being able to shut down my brain.  Sometimes it just keeps running and running - flitting from one thing to the next.  I hardly have time to land on one thing, before I have to jump to something else.  Meditation is something that I haven't really tried in a traditional sense, but even in Christianity, God tells us to "be still" and to "meditate on [His] Word."  With children, that's hard to do.  There's always something - cleaning, cooking, playing, learning, laundry...something vying for my attention 24/7.  So, I try to get up a few minutes early and have some quiet time.  Saturday mornings are especially good for this, since I don't have to get anywhere by a specific time.  The kiddos also usually sleep in a bit, allowing me an extra hour or so before anyone else is awake.  The constant pulling on my brain also makes me very deficit in my attention to my knitting and other crafts.  Here's just a small sample of my WIP stack:

This is my Cloudy Day Hat.  Well, it would be if I ever finished it.  I'm just a little over half-way done with it.  I hope to finish it for the fall.

Here is Princess' Playful Stripes.  I still have to sew up the sleeve seams and weave in ends and put on buttons.  This is one I also hope to finish by the fall.

Here is my sweater for the Summer Sweater Knit-a-long with Luvinthemommyhood.  It has grown since the last time you've seen it, but it's slow progress.  That lace pattern with the side decreases is really kicking my tush.

Here's the progress so far on Little Man's blue sweater.  It's based off of the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan sweater; I just plugged in the numbers and cast on.  Of course, that makes it sound like I had a really easy time with it, and I probably would have, if I had read the directions VERY CAREFULLY.  Which I didn't.  Because when you have knitting ADD, that's the way you roll. :)

This is another sweater for me; it's Pink, from Custom Knits.  Or at least, it will be once I actually work on it.  It's stalled out (like so many other things) and taken a back seat.  This is a SMALL sampling of my UFO pile.  I'm trying to make my way through it so I'll have some room.  I'm going to attempt to relocate all of my crafting things to the playroom, even without air, in hopes that some other things can be shifted and rearranged, making the house more user-friendly.  Sometimes you just have to rearrange what you have because your needs change.

So, what's in your UFO basket?  Anything good?  Anything you care to share?

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luvinthemommyhood said...

You'll get there. I have a ton and I mean a ton of WIP's and I need to get caught up on mine as well :)