Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm bored

I'm so bored today at work, I have nothing better to do than sit here and post again. I did finish the first bootie, and even started the second at lunch. It took me about 20 minutes to get the ribbing on the second one done. I hope to get the rest of it done tonight, and maybe the edging as well. I'm heading to the library to see if they have Nicky Epstein's book Knitting on the Edge and perhaps I'll do something more interesting than just a regular picot edging. We'll see what I can find and whip up in an hour or so. So far, I'm looking at a total of 5 hours for both booties, plus whatever it takes for the edge. If I can't find anything I like in the book, I'll just stick with the picot edging, and pack it up with the clothes and certificates. I am giving her a certificate for a handmade toy (and taking the patterns I have for her to choose from) and also a certificate for a baby sling. I found some patterns online for free, and want to make one for me, and I can make one for her as well. It just requires some measurements. There is only one seam, but you sew it twice (a French seam) and it's done. I like it being that easy.

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