Friday, August 10, 2007

Changes all the time

Well, here's the past 2-3 weeks for us: trying to unpack, a church music conference where I got re-acquainted with my children's choir director, my grandfather passing, and my brother and sisterin-love moving to New Orleans. This is, of course, nothing compared with other tragedies happening around: the collapsed bridge, the collapsed mine. Things are just falling apart.

In brighter news, I have worked a little on a knitting project: I still haven't told you what I'm making. It's a surprise. I will tell you it has to be stuffed, and I finally found my stuffing. Unpacking is slow. This weekend promises to get at least one room situtated with furniture (only to have more coming in - another long story). I have to do a few things around the house this weekend, since we're having company next weekend. I'm not talking major company, just some friends for lunch on Saturday. I have so much to do!

I have also started working on a cross-stitch project. It was going to go to a friend about 4-5 years ago (yikes!) and I think now if I can finish it, I'll personalize it for my brother and his wife.
Isn't he adorable?! This was Sunday as we were helping my brother and his wife pack and load the truck. That's his uncle's hat. I LOVE IT!!!! Hopefully I can post more soon.

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