Monday, December 29, 2014

New Endeavors

This past year seems to have been rough.  My friend at Knot Knecessarily Knitting had a rough year too.  I think 2014 was rough for a lot of us.  I have started Little Man's birthday sweater.  He decided on the color Gold from Valley Yarns Berkshire.  I picked out the pattern Lancelot, and he approved.

He liked it, so did I and I bought the pattern.  I don't buy many patterns, but this one I think is well worth it.  Honestly, I wish I had purchased it earlier.  It would have helped move the Business Casual socks along a little faster I think.  She uses the same idea in the cables, but approaches them slightly differently.  It's clever to me, and it would have been useful.  Oh well - live and learn.  And now that I have the pattern, if I decide to make the Business Casual socks again (I'm thinking perhaps for my Sister-in-Love for Christmas this next year?), it will speed them up a bit.

I have the goal of knitting 3 sweaters for myself this year.  I'm also thinking on the first one as I knit this one.  I plan on finding my copy of Knitter's Workshop and knit the hybrid sweater.  It starts from the bottom up, which is what makes me think of it while knitting the birthday sweater.  It too starts from the bottom up.  It's a new technique for me, as I usually prefer from the top down.  I'm not opposed to bottom up, but top down seems easier to me.  So far though on Lancelot, so good.  I really do like it, and the yarn is nice and soft.  It doesn't have a lot of twist, so you have to be careful not to split it.  I like it, and even the color.  I'm not usually a yellow fan, but I like the gold.  What are you working on?  How are you planning to ring in the new year?

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