Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving along

Well, the birthday sweater is almost done - I'm on the collar.  I wish I could show you a picture, but my camera has gone MIA.  I hope that over the weekend I find it and can take pictures for you.  I'm going to finish it, and then start on my slippers.  I think I can get them knit up over the weekend, as I hear the pattern is really fast.

As for an update on Princess, she's doing fine.  The tooth is still a little loose, but we think it's healing.  She's still on a soft foods diet, which basically means no crackers.  This week has been up and down, but a lot of family time.  I was planning on going to Knit Night at The Whole Nine Yarns on Tuesday, but traffic was so bad, I didn't bother.  Somehow, there were several intersections blocked and I figured that by the time I got there, it'd be time to come back home.  It was tough for me to even get into my neighborhood.  What are you working on?

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