Monday, July 28, 2014

So here's what I've been up to recently...

Baby #3 is growing like a weed, as are the other 2.  Children have a tendency to do that.  Here's my big girl holding my little girl:

She flips back and forth between wanting to be a big girl, and wanting to be the baby.  I did find the missing knitting I was looking for the other day.  Here's the missing sock:

The ends haven't been woven in, but it's done.  Once the second one is done, all ends will be woven in and then they will be worn.  Here's the status of the second sock:

I made some progress on it today - I finished the heel decreases and started down the foot.  I figure if I have 3-4 more days at it, I should be finished.  How do I get so much time during the day, you ask?  That's the prerogative of a nursing mother who works full time.  I have a nice little office that I can lock and while I'm providing food for my baby, I spend some time knitting.  It's handy during the day.

What have you been working on?   How do you fit knitting into your day?

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