Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Designing, Part 1

Sorry I've been gone for a while.  I was going to blog over the weekend, since I had a long one, but then everyone decided we needed to share a cold, so we've all been sick.  Little Man started it, then passed it to me, and now Princess is in full swing, and Hubby is starting.  It took serious effort to just get dressed and go somewhere.  Like to our favorite restaurant.  And by the way, the chef is amazing.  Not only is their regular menu terrific, but the weekend specials rock.  This past weekend was Julia Child recipes.  No tinkering, just the way she wrote them.  Simple and incredible.  I even had a dream about the chef.  Are you ready for this one?  It's kind of hot.  He drove to my in-laws, and brought me homemade chicken soup.  Hot, in a thermos.  Ha ha!  There's my "hot dream".  I know - terrible.  That's what happens when I'm sick - my sense of humor goes to about age 5.

So, recently, I did a test knit.  Remember this?

And I talked to the designer, the lovely Jane Richmond, a bit about her designing process.  When I say "talked a bit," I mean I messaged her on Ravelry with what I thought were rather uninspired questions, and she kindly wrote back.  I had read an interview with her (you can read it here) and decided to try something a little new.  Since Christmas in July is almost upon us (it's in about 2 weeks!), I needed to create something new, and I went through all the math first.  I swatched - isn't that amazing?! - started figuring out the math for the pattern, and went to work.  I actually had the pattern drafted before I even picked up a hook!  (The pattern is crochet, in case that confused you.)  Surprisingly, my math worked.  Even I was surprised.  It should, considering what I do for a living, and it's not difficult math.  But it is nice when it all works out.  In any case, I now have a spreadsheet to work from when designing.  It's surprisingly easy to use and work with and tweak and manipulate to get what you want or need.  I love it.  I usually live in Excel at work - who knew that you could do the same thing for knitting and crochet?!  Apparently a bunch of people who had thought about it a lot harder than I had.  The test crochet is now blocking, and the fabric is drying.  What is it?  It's a skirt.  It's a really awesome girly skirt for Princess.  And the best part?  The pattern comes in 5 sizes. Really - all that, and a bag a chips.  Just wait until you see it!  If you want, I'll give you a sneak peek before Christmas in July, but you really need to see it for yourself there.  I'll be there - will you?

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