Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday...and wet

So, I'm working on my Earl Grey Sock.  I really only have about 4 inches left on the foot and the toe.  I know - I'm a lazy blogger and I haven't taken pictures.  I've been working late, which is unusual, since close hasn't even begun yet.  But, it's year end for us, and things are crazy.  Hubby applied for a job, and we're waiting to hear back.  Knitting keeps me calm.  It keeps me from throwing my shoes at people at work, at least until they interrupt my lunch (my knitting time).  I really want to stay home and craft for a day or two.  Maybe I'll take a vacation day sometime just for that.  

This Shibui Knits yarn knits up beautifully.  It looks really smooth, but then as you knit it, it has a slight halo that appears.  It's very lovely, and 100% merino.  The recipient should enjoy them.  

My hubby loves his socks that he received for Christmas last year.  It was funny - he had icy feet the other night, and then got excited because he remembered he had wool socks.  I think I'm going to pick another pattern for his lovely blue yarn:

It's Madelinetosh, and I've knit with that before, so that will be the second pair of socks next that I knit.  Before that, the next pair that I cast on will be this yarn:

So, that's it for me.  I want to spin, and sew, and knit, and crochet...but my time is incredibly limited.  So, I stick with knitting at the moment, because it's easy to transport.  How about you?  What other crafts have you been wanting to dig into recently?

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